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Dvd Recorders With Hard Drive - Guide to DVD Recorders with Hard Drive - DVR and DVD Recording Combined, Popular Brands of DVD Recorder DVR’s

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You may have heard about the increasingly popular DVR machines out there that people use to pause live TV and record their favorite shows. And maybe you have heard about DVD recorders that make it easy to burn DVD’s from TV shows or old videos. But when you put the two together, you get the best of both worlds! Read on to find out how you can use a DVD hard drive recorder to make your favorite TV shows obey your schedule completely.

DVR and DVD Recording Combined

DVR has already revolutionized television watching for millions of people across the country. With this technology, you can record your favorite shows to watch any time. You can set up automatic recording schedules to capture entire seasons. You can record live television and pause it as you watch. DVR works by storing your video files on an internal hard drive so that you can access them again any time. While most DVR hard drives are very spacious, they are not infinite. What this means to you is that you will have to delete old shows at some point to make room for new ones. DVR’s usually run at least $200, and can go up quite a bit from there depending on hard drive size and high definition capabilities.

DVD recorders have made it easy to record television shows or other video files straight to a blank DVD disc. The most common formats are DVD+R and DVD+RW, and these are recognized by just about every DVD player out there. The DVD+RW is able to be burned multiple times, letting you overwrite old information with new files, whereas the DVD+R is one-shot only. There are other options out there for higher-capacity discs like the DVD-RAM, but these do tend to run into compatibility issues with different players, so it is usually safest to get the standard formats. DVD recorders can start as low as $100 or so.

When These Powers Combine…
After a while of watching the success of each of these two technologies, someone decided to put the two together. Now you have true command over your entertainment library. With a DVR/DVD Recorder machine, you can still set the DVR to record any show to the hard drive. But the difference is, then you can burn your most favorite shows to DVD format. That way, you have an option besides just deleting unneeded shows from your hard drive. Having the hard drive as a flexible halfway point between the show’s original broadcast and possible DVD recording is a great idea. This lets you filter all the content you like on the drive, and only record the best to DVD. Combination machines like this will typically run $200-400 for an entry level model, and quite a bit higher for specialty models.

Popular Brands of DVD Recorder DVR’s

Toshiba has many DVR/DVD recorders that span the gamut from entry level to advanced models. You can find some hard drives that are from 500 gigabytes to even a full terabyte, which will hold a lot of video.

Panasonic has entry-level models that are some of the cheapest available, starting around $200 for a 160 gigabyte drive.

Pioneer makes some great high-definition machines that can even upscale your old videos and DVD’s to 1080p high-definition resolution, as long as the original media makes it possible. This is great if you want to take full advantage of your high-definition TV.

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