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Best Wireless Phone - How to Choose the Best Wireless Phone

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With so many new cell phones on the market today, it can be extremely difficult to find the best wireless phone. Many new phones get a lot of hype only to disappear two months later, never to be heard from again. A model that falls into the “best wireless phone” category will beat the odds and stay popular for at least the next two years, the length of the most commonly signed service contract.

What makes naming the best wireless phone so difficult is that the term “best” is very subject. There is no single set of criteria that makes one phone the best for everyone. This means that you cannot rely solely on reviews, whether they are professional or consumer reviews. You must put in a little effort and compare the features and specifications yourself if you want to find the best wireless phone.

Here are the factors to consider when deciding upon the best wireless phone for you:

1. Technology Standard – The technology the phone uses to send and receive voice transmissions and data packets can play a factor in which phone is best. For many years, CDMA networks and phones were the top choice in the United States, while Europe opted for GSM technology. Today, the technology is split 50/50 in the U.S. Of the top four providers, Verizon and Sprint/Nextel use CDMA, while AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM. The CDMA networks in the U.S. are stronger and reach more areas, especially rural areas, than GSM. GSM phones, however use SIM card technology, which means you can change carriers simply by switching out SIM cards. This is helpful for those who like to change phones frequently or want to use their phones in Europe.

2. Provider – When choosing the best wireless phone in the U.S., it is impossible to ignore the wireless provider. Not all providers are equal. Different providers have better service in different areas. In addition, all major cell phone providers have exclusive contracts with cell phone manufacturers, so certain models of cell phones may only be available from one provider. Be sure to also choose a provider that has a plan that is affordable and best-suited to your needs.

3. Style – There are several basic styles of phone available, and the best wireless phone will be of a different style for different people, based mostly on personal choice. Here are some of the top styles of wireless phone:

  • Flip phone – This is the popular clamshell style that is best suited to standard voice phones. They do not make good smart phones.
  • Candy bar – The candy bar style is a rectangular phone that doesn’t open in any way. The ear piece, microphone, display, and keypad are all on the face of the phone. This is a popular style for smart phones and touchscreen phones.
  • Slider – Slider phones are like a candy bar phone, except the keypad extends from the bottom of the phone and can slide back up when not in use for a smaller form factor.
  • Text phone – A text phone looks like a standard, albeit thick, candy bar phone, but it opens sideways on a hinge to reveal a long display and a full keyboard for texting.

4. Features – The available features is usually what pushes a phone into the best wireless phone category. Here are some of the features to consider:

  • Calling – This includes number of contacts, voice dialing, and speakerphone options.
  • Web Browsing – Most phones, not only smartphones, have some sort of web browser. The browsers in Android phones and iPhones are the most popular.
  • Organizer Apps – This covers basic, everyday applications such as alarm, calendar, calculator, and stop watch.
    *Messaging – Some phones have built-in instant messaging and email applications that are far superior to others.
  • Camera – Cameras have become important phone features. Look for megapixels and overall picture quality. Some cameras have video recording capability, also.
  • Memory – If a phone does not have much memory, it should have a memory card expansion slot.
  • Multimedia – The best wireless phones have several multimedia options, include radio, internet streaming, video player, and MP3 player.
    Third-party Aps – Third-party application availability have become important in choosing the best wireless phone. Many people find it hard to live without their favorite phone aps.

5. Performance – The last, but possibly the most important, consideration for determining the best wireless phone is performance. What good is a phone if you can’t use it to make calls, or the mobile internet only works outside? Look for other people in your area who own the phone and ask them about performance, because performance can vary by region.

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