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Bathroom Corner Sink - Bathroom Corner Sink Buying Guide

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When deciding on a putting in a new bathroom sink, there are many different choices to consider. Not only are there different materials and types of sinks to think about, there are also different styles. Then, once you start looking at the styles, you will notice that there are several sub-styles under them. One sub-style of bathroom sink that runs through almost every major style is the bathroom corner sink. Many sinks are specially designed to be bathroom corner sinks, but the reason why any sink can fit the bill is because a corner cabinet can be built to accommodate them.

A bathroom corner sink not only opens up the bathroom space in reality, but it further creates an illusion of open space for a double effect. They can also be complemented with different accessories, such as adjacent wall mirrors, double shelving, corner medicine cabinets, and attached towel bars. Corner sinks can be made of several different materials that include china, ceramic tempered glass, or earthenware.

Wall Mount Bathroom Corner Sinks
Wall mount sinks are perfect for bathrooms that don’t have a lot of floor space. A wall mount sink requires zero floor space. Using a wall mount corner sink is a great way to maximize the space that is there and create a little bit of open area to move around in. Using the wall mount sink will also allow more room for other bathroom accessories that would otherwise have to be omitted, such as a garbage can.

Pedestal Bathroom Corner Sinks
Pedestal sinks are composed of a china or ceramic basin that is partially attached to the wall. Most of the support, however, comes from a matching pedestal underneath that also acts to hide the plumbing. Corner pedestal sinks are a sub-style of pedestal sink designed to save space while keeping a certain level of style. This type of sink is perfect to make small bathrooms sophisticated and elegant. A corner pedestal sink can be used with 4”, 8”, and 12” faucet drillings. They are easy to clean and pleasant to look at.

Countertop Bathroom Corner Sinks
A countertop sink has the advantage of maximizing space while being fully customizable with any counter design. The counter usually sits on a closed cabinet that hides the plumbing and provides an area for storage. Countertop sinks can be made of several different materials and can be white or come in a range of colors. The most commonly used material is china. Some of the possible designs are ellipse, angled, diamond, hexagonal, and rounded.

Console Bathroom Corner Sinks

Console sinks are a type of wall-mounted sink that is additionally supported by two or more legs. This design is one of the most versatile and fits in well with a corner mounting. Console sinks were originally developed in the early 20th century as a sign of wealth and elegance. Today, they can add that same air to any bathroom, especially smaller ones. One of the hallmarks of the console corner sink is the ability to choose different leg styles. Some of the most popular leg styles are Venetian, Belle Epoque, Provincial, and tapered spindle.

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