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Free Bingo For Cash - The Whys and Hows of Free Bingo for Cash

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Online Bingo is big business, forecast to be worth $1 billion in winnings by the end of 2010. Most sites charge a nominal fee for players to buy cards and test their luck, but a growing number of non-charing bingo sites have appeared in recent years. What’s more, many of these sites offer actual cash prizes—a true rarity among online gambling.

Money for free bingo rooms is provided by advertising revenue or an existing paid gambling product. Prizes are very small, ranging from $1 to $100. To provide even small cash prizes regularly, free bingo sites often bombard their players with advertisements, playing commercials between games. Further advertisements are nested in banners and windows. Bingo Zone for example, hosted by Facebook giant Gameville, in one session played the same Sonic commercial fifteen times between two games.

Most free online bingo consists of a simple audio track that announces the numbers. Players then use their mouse as a virtual bingo dauber to highlight their numbers. One small advantage of online bingo compared to brick and mortar options is the ability to undaub a square in the event of a mistake.

No one gets rich playing free bingo for cash. Larger prizes usually go to games with larger player bases, decreasing the chances of winning overall. Smaller prizes are far more common, often consisting of just a few dollars to keep players interested. Still, the pleasure of an occasional cash win makes it worth the wait to those who prefer this free diversion.

Prizes come in two forms. Some sites, like Bingo Zone and Ca$hbreak, offer constant Bingo for cash at a few dollars per win. More ambitious sites like I Am Game and Prize Bingo offer larger prizes once a day to the player with the most victories. Larger sites like these usually limit the number of games which can be played so that prizes don’t always go to the person with the fewest activities outside online Bingo.

Bingo is a simple game, so free bingo for cash providers use a variety of other features to retain users on their websites. Chat rooms are common in free bingo for cash, largely due to their tendency to keep players onsite for longer. Some sites provide free mini-games nested within the overall window, while others provide nearby information on the history of bingo and modern bingo culture.

Webmasters do what they can to police against cheating, especially in cash rooms. Most servers will deny winnings to IP addresses which were logged on at multiple rooms simultaneously or when the same user plays with more than one account. Some have even more restrictive rules, such as Bingo Advantage, which provides cycling, ongoing tournaments which can only be played once per account.

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