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Battery For Cell Phone - How to Buy a New Battery for a Cell Phone - Where to Buy a Battery for a Cell Phone

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The battery for a cell phone is the most neglected part of any phone. Beyond checking the meter to see when it needs charging, we don’t pay much attention to it. As the old saying goes: out of sight, out of mind. That’s why it can be so surprising whenever there is a problem with the battery. Just like all forms of electronics, batteries can wear out or be defective.

Where to Buy a Battery for a Cell Phone

Whenever there is a problem with a battery for a cell phone, it is not a big problem to replace it. There are, however, a few factors to consider before making a purchase. The first choice to be made is where to buy the cell phone battery. There are several options available:

• Service Provider – Many cell phone service providers, such as Verizon and AT&T sell accessories and replacement batteries for the phones they carry at their walk-in outlets. A select few may also sell accessories and batteries online. For some, this is the easiest option, but it is also the most expensive.

• Manufacturer – You can buy replacement batteries directly from your phone manufacturer. In most cases, this will require going through your manufacturer’s online store. If you have an iPhone or a Sony Ericsson, you may be able to buy your phone battery at one of their retail stores that can be found in malls across the country.

• Electronics Store – Some electronics stores such as Best Buy sell cell phone batteries. They have a limited selection in their stores, but their online battery selection is greatly expanded. Amazon has a selection of cell phone batteries at great prices.

• Online Battery Discounter – Online stores that specialize in batteries for cell phones have the best selection and the lowest prices. They have batteries for older phones and new phones, as well. Because they have so many options, though, choosing the right battery is a little more difficult.

Types of Battery for a Cell Phone

Once you decide where to buy a battery for your cell phone, you have to decide which type of battery to buy. In rare cases, there will be only a single battery, making the choice simple. For most phones, several choices will be available that can include the following:

• Original Standard Batteries – These are the original batteries that come with your phone when you buy it new. There may be two different types listed: retail or OEM. There is no difference between these batteries. The only difference is in the packaging. Retail packaging is eye-catching and made for sale at a store. OEM packaging is a generic packaging used for manufacturers or service centers that is usually never seen by the customer. OEM batteries are usually less expensive than retail.

OEM Extended Batteries – These batteries are official batteries for a cell phone made by the original manufacturer, but they have a higher capacity than the standard batteries shipped with new phones. They are more expensive than original batteries.

• Aftermarket Batteries – Aftermarket batteries for cell phones are made by independent manufacturers to be compatible with certain models of cell phones. These batteries are less expensive than standard batteries, but are usually not made to the same quality specifications. They suffer from a higher rate of DOA, but many people report having no problems with them whatsoever.

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