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Best Phone Service - Choosing the Best Phone Service Provider - Criteria for the Best Phone Service, The Best Phone Service Providers

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Cell phones have become a major part in the lives of most people in the United States. Because we rely on cell phones more than ever, it is important to choose the best phone service provider.

Many people are hung up on a specific model of phone, but as many iPhone owners have found out, the phone is not everything. A reliable service provider must be able to carry through on their end, so the phone can be used to its maximum potential.

Choosing the best phone service for your cell phone can be a painful experience. Much of the problem lies in the misleading consumer ads displayed and broadcast through every media known to man. In addition, each provider has their own type of bonus or added feature that can directly translate to savings or an added expense depending on how you use your phone.

Criteria for the Best Phone Service

When trying to make a decision on the best phone provider, it is important to consider several factors. Different factors also have varying degrees of importance to different people. This means that the best phone service for you will not necessarily be the best for someone else.

Phones – The phones available from each provider are not the same. In the U.S. phone service providers obtain exclusive use for specific models of phone. For instance, if you want an iPhone, you must use AT&T as your service provider. If you want a Droid, then Verizon is your only choice.

Plans – Every phone service provider has their own selection of plans from which you can choose. Plans include how many minutes you get each month, text messaging details, and data availability. Plans can be individual or shared family plans, and they can be local plans or nationwide plans.

Extras – Each cell phone provider has their own little extras they throw in to get new customers and keep the ones they already have. Extras include free minutes at night or on the weekend, unused minutes that carry over to the next month, and free applications.

The Best Phone Service Providers

In the U.S., there are four major companies competing for the title of best phone service provider: T-Mobile, Sprint/Nextel, AT&T, and Verizon.

T-Mobile – T-Mobile has some of the best pricing among any of the best phone service providers. They offer very practical combinations of features and services that are balanced for most customers to get the most for their money. The flexible plans are counterbalanced by not have the greatest network. T-Mobile has the most dead areas of any provider. Before going with T-Mobile check that their network will suit your needs. For many customers, it is more than enough.

Sprint/Nextel – Sprint has several pricing plans, but they are heavy on the data usage aspect, while voice minutes and text messages seem like an afterthought. The plans are all over the board, so they are difficult to compare. Sprint is the leader in adopting the 4G network standard, and they offer free nighttime minutes starting at 7pm instead of 9pm like the other providers. Sprint has a great selection of traditional and smart phones.

AT&T – AT&T was once the only phone service provider, but even with today’s competition, they are one of the best phone service providers in the U.S. AT&T is neck-and-neck with Verizon for having the best phones of any provider. AT&T, of course, has the iPhone, which has done much to expand the popularity of the network. AT&T has the distinction of being the only provider to offer roll-over minutes. Unused minutes are available for use for 12 months after they are accumulated. The downside to AT&T is that the popularity of the iPhone has taxed the limits of their network. Coverage is spotty in areas such as New York City because of congestion.

Verizon – Verizon is the largest provider in the U.S. Besides being the largest, many people say they have the best phone service. Verizon has put a lot of effort into providing phones capable of competing with the iPhone. This has brought the U.S. some of the best alternatives to the iPhone on the market. Several plans are offered that include traditional plans and unlimited plans that are very affordable. Verizon is also a leader in providing multimedia content for mobile devices.

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