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Bank Checks Order - Tips for Getting the Cheapest Bank Checks Order

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In this day and age, it would seem that ordering checks for the checking deposit account you have with your bank should be a simple process. While the process is simple, the choice has become a million times more complicated. This is because a million more outlets have sprung up all claiming to have the lowest prices on checks.

With so many more companies offering bank checks for sale, the chance of using a good company is reduced. Many of the companies trying to get a bank checks order are not legitimate or only semi-legitimate. Of course, the chance of getting ripped off on a check order can be eliminated by going directly through your bank, but in so doing you will be paying two or three times the amount you will pay from a legitimate online company. Additionally, the selection of checks offered from your bank is usually not as great as that from discount check companies. So, where is the real rip off?

The secret of getting a cheap bank checks order is to follow a few simple rules:

1. It is never a good idea to just go with any random company offering checks for sale. Remember, you are providing this company with your name, address, phone number, email, and checking account number – everything someone would need to steal your identity and drain your account. Having your identity stolen, however, is not the only pitfall of using an unknown check company. Some companies wouldn’t think of involving themselves in a felony, but it doesn’t stop them from cutting corners. Some check companies use cheap, thin paper that is easily torn and weak, water-based inks that fade, smudge, or smear.

2. Never accept an offer for a bank checks through a telemarketer. Yes, they are out there, and yes, most of them are preying on unsuspecting people who give their bank account numbers to strangers who call them unannounced on the phone.

3. Use a check company that is tried and true. Why make yourself a test subject when thousands of people have gone before you. Ask friends and family where they get their checks and how much they pay. Seek out reviews from independent consumer review sources such as Consumer Reports, ConsumerSearch, or Epinions.

4. Avoid any companies that offer to sell you materials to print your own checks at home. While this seems like a low-cost solution that you have total control over, the reality of printing your own checks is nowhere near as it is in your mind. The check stock you get is usually of inferior quality, and it is not bonded or approved by the American National Standards Institute. The designs on these checks are usually very limited, if there is any design at all. In addition, if you are using an inkjet printer, the cost of the ink will make the checks more expensive than if you ordered them through your bank.

With a little research, getting a cheap bank checks order can be done, and the money you save can be substantial.

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