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Calgary Airport Hotels - The Best Calgary Airport Hotels - Delta Calgary Airport Hotel, Sandman Hotel Calgary, Holiday Inn Express Airport

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Anyone who is traveling through the Calgary airport will need to find out about the best Calgary airport hotels. There are many Calgary airport hotels to choose from, and the majority of them are three-star hotels. Travelers searching for the best Calgary airport hotels will find that the hotels can be broken down by amenities offered, along with distance from the airport. Most Calgary airport hotels offer free shuttle service to and from the airport, although from there the features differ quite a bit from hotel to hotel.

Delta Calgary Airport Hotel

The only hotel that is actually located at the Calgary airport is the Delta Calgary Airport Hotel. This hotel offers the convenience of being right at the airport. All travelers have to do to get to the airport is walk across the indoor walkway. The hotel has an updated fitness center, a fine dining hotel, and facilities for meetings, conferences, weddings, and other special events. A night at the Delta Calgary Airport Hotel ranges in price from $180 USD for a standard room up to $300 USD for a Jacuzzi suite. Guests who have stayed at this hotel say that the fact that it is right at the airport definitely makes it the best choice of all the Calgary airport hotels.

Sandman Hotel Calgary

Of all the Calgary airport area hotels, Sandman Hotel Calgary is the closest one to the airport, at only a mile and a half away. This hotel offers all of the amenities a luxury traveler would be looking for, including Jacuzzi suites and a fitness center. A night at the Sandman Hotel Calgary ranges from $140 to $170 USD. Guests who have stayed at the Sandman Hotel say that it is a great choice for those who want to save a little bit of money but do not want to stay too far away from the airport.

Holiday Inn Express Airport

Another great choice in Calgary airport hotels is the Holiday Inn Express Airport Hotel. This newer hotel offers all of the standard facilities guests would expect, including a pool and fitness center. There is also a business center on sight with courier service available. The rooms are fairly standard, and they range in price from $165 to $205 USD per night. Like the Sandman Hotel, travelers have the option of paying more if they want a Jacuzzi room. Guests who have stayed at this hotel say it is certainly worth the high price tag if you have the money to burn.

Quality Hotel Calgary Airport

Our fourth choice on the list of Calgary airport hotels is the Quality Hotel Calgary Airport. This hotel is just 10 minutes from the downtown area and not far from the Trans-Canada Highway and the Calgary Zoo. A night at the Quality Hotel Calgary Airport ranges in price from $95 to $120 USD, which makes it our budget option for Calgary airport hotels. Guests who have stayed at the Quality Hotel Calgary Airport say the hotel offers very standard rooms that are clean and comfortable for a price that is quite a bit lower than most of the other Calgary airport hotels.

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