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California Court Reporters - How Students become California Court Reporters - Court reporting school, Mentoring program, Careers in court reporting

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California court reporters are in charge of creating transcripts of legal proceedings and meetings. They are a vital part of the American justice system because it is very important that judicial documents are kept carefully so that no mistakes are made due to a mistake in documentation. California court reporters must attend a school that meets state standards for curriculum in court reporting. Let us take a closer look at what it takes to become California court reporters.

Court reporting school

The first step in becoming a court reporter in the state of California is to enroll in a state-approved court reporting school. There are many schools in California that offer acceptable court reporting programs. Bryan College, South Coast College, and Taft College are all great schools for California court reporters, although many local community or technical colleges also offer a court reporting degree. Also some online schools give students the chance to become California court reporters on their own time at home.

Mentoring program

Another important step for California court reporters is the Each One Reach One mentoring program. This matches students who are currently in court reporting school with mentors who are already working as court reporters. In order to get a mentor, students just have to fill out the application. Then they will have the opportunity to work closely with their mentors in order to learn the business carefully. The mentoring program is the next best thing to hands-on experience for California court reporters.

Careers in court reporting

Some California court reporters can make up to $100,000 per year, which is quite a bit of money for a position that often only requires a two-year associate’s degree. Students who complete a court reporting program and mentoring program have a great chance at becoming higher paid California court reporters because they have the training necessary to be successful.

Many California court reporters also join a professional organization like the California Court Reporters Association. This organization can help you find jobs and give you access to resources you would not have otherwise. Students may find it helpful to become a member of a court reporting organization while they are still in school because many of these organizations have resources available for students. In fact, the Each One Reach One mentoring program is offered through the California Court Reporters Association, so it is a great way to get a foot in the door and network with people who are already California court reporters.

A Tip for California court reporters

One of the most important things for California court reporters to keep in mind, both during their education and throughout their career, is that it is very important to stay in touch with changes in legislation. Since they serve largely in the criminal justice industry, any change in legislation could affect how they do their job. Also court reporters who are educated about the legislation they reference in their dictations will better be able to put the words down in a way that can be understood by others.

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