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Laser Printer Fax Copier - Laser Printer with Copying and Fax Capabilities

speed printing function features

For many people, a printer is more than just a machine for printing documents from their computer. Rather, when looking for a laser printer, many people want a machine that has copying and fax capabilities. In fact, every year there are less laser printers on the market that do not have these capabilities, along with other features. These printers are a convenient option for both home offices and small businesses. When looking for one of these multi-function printers, consumers have many options available to them. However, it is important to realize that not all laser printer fax copier functions are equal, and some may perform certain options better than others.

Often, consumers overpay for a product that has features that they will never use. Therefore, when you are shopping for a laser printer, consider what features you want, and do not pay extra for the features that you will rarely if ever use. The key features to look for when shopping for a laser printer with copy and fax capability are print speed, multi-function printer memory, print resolution, and fax functions. You will need to determine which of these factors is most important for your needs, and then see what the specifications are for different models. For example, if you want a high speed printer but will not use the copy function as much, then printer memory will not be as high of a priority for you. If, however, you need to do multiple copy, scans, and faxes, then it will be important to have a higher multi-function printer memory. Although many producers of laser printers have increased their black and white printing speed in recent years, many products still have a much lower color printing speed than their black and white printing speeds. If color printing is not a priority to you, then you may be able to find a deal on an older model printer. Also, if you only occasionally use the fax capability of your laser printer, then finding a high transmission speed will not be a priority to you. Again, you may be able to find a less expensive model that fully meets your needs.

One of the best reviewed products for those who are looking for a true multi-function laser printer is the Samsung SCX-5635FN Multifunction Printer. This printer, which retails for $500, has a printing speed of 35 color or black and white pages per minute, a print resolution of 1200 × 1200 dpi, and a hard disk drive memory of 128 MB. It also has a fax transmission speed of 33.6 Kbps and a fax memory capacity of over 100 pages. Therefore, this printer gets high marks on all of the most important categories for a laser printer with fax and copying capabilities. If you are looking for a less expensive laser printer, the Canon ImageCLASS MF4370DN Monochrome Laser might be a good option. This printer, which retails for $300, has slightly slower or lower quality features: a printing speed of 23 pages per minute and a print resolution of 9600 dpi. However, it does have a similar quality fax function, so if that is a high priority, then this model is worth considering. Several other models in a similar price range should ensure that you will be able to find a laser printer that fits the needs of your home office or small business.

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