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Canon Bci 6 Ink - Purchasing Canon BCI 6 Ink - Generic Canon BCI 6 ink cartridges will save you money.

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There are several different printers that require replacement tanks of Canon BCI 6 ink. All of the printers belong to the Canon family, and they include the Canon i900 and i9000 series, the Canon BJC 8200, the canon S800 and S900 series, and the Canon PIXMA iP600D. The Canon BCI 6 ink is a set of six ink cartridges that make up the full set of ink for these printers. Most people choose to replace all six cartridges at the same time, although the black cartridge does usually run out well before the color ones do.

Generic Canon BCI 6 ink cartridges will save you money.

Consumers who have any of the printers that require Canon BCI 6 ink can easily save a little bit of money by purchasing generic cartridges. Many people who use generic ink say they do not notice a difference between the qualities of the printed pages. Name brand Canon BCI 6 ink cartridges can cost $15 each, compared to $3 each for the generic cartridges. You can tell the difference between name brand Canon BCI 6 ink and generic ink if the cartridge says it is compatible with Canon BCI 6 ink.

Purchasing options for Canon BCI 6 ink

Consumers should notice when they purchase Canon BCI 6 ink that they can either purchase individual cartridges, or they can purchase a full set of cartridges. The six cartridges included in the set are black, cyan, magenta, yellow, red, and green. There are also additional photo magenta and photo cyan cartridges available for users who print a lot of photos with their printer. In general, It is not a bad idea to keep a full set of cartridges on hand, plus an extra black cartridge because black will always run out first.

Further tips for consumers

Due to the different purchasing options, it is important to break down the price of packages that include all six cartridges. This will ensure that you get the best possible price when purchasing ink.

In many cases, purchasing Canon BCI 6 ink online will save quite a bit of money over purchasing it in the store. Sites like Nextag or Amazon will allow you to see prices from many different retailers so that you can be sure that you are getting the best price.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing Canon BCI 6 ink is that there are a couple of different cartridge sizes. Remember to look and see how many pages the cartridge will print. Common sizes of cartridges for Canon BCI 6 ink are 185 and 280 pages, so be sure that the ink you are purchasing is the lowest price for the most pages. Sometimes it is far too easy to purchase the ink that will not last as long, thinking it will be the larger size cartridge. Just read all of the details on the packaging carefully, whether you are purchasing online or in a store.

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