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Lcd Arm Mount - LCD Monitor Arm Mounts

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adjustable inches ergotech products

Whether you need to clear extra room on your desk, use multiple LCD monitors and need to have them positioned in the right angles, or want to be able to adjust the viewing angle on your LCD TV, an LCD arm mount will help you make the best possible use of your monitor and available space.

The basic design of LCD arm mounts is fairly simple. There is usually a base that is attached to the wall or a desk, one or more adjustable moving arms (that are sometimes attached to a secondary base or t-handle), and a bracket or base to attach to the monitor. With this basic design, there are a wide variety of products available.

Although many companies produce LCD arm mounts, the company that most computer users rate highest is Ergotech. This company makes arm mounts that can accommodate anywhere from one to twelve LCD monitors. Ergotech makes both single and multiple screen LCD arm mounts. Their products range from $185 for a single LCD monitor arm mount to about $2400 for a twelve monitor four by three monitor mount. If you are looking for a good quality single LCD monitor arm mount, Ergotech One-Touch Monitor Mount is probably a good option. This arm mount, which retails for $200, features an easy adjustment system with an arm that has a range of 5 to 26 inches. It can also be moved 11 inches up or down and can pivot 20 degrees up and 10 degrees down. It can hold a monitor that weighs up to 25 pounds and comes with a five year warranty. In addition to the arm mounts made by Ergotech, there are a number of cheaper options that are still fairly good quality. Prices range from under $100 to $150 for a middle quality LCD arm mount. Also, you can typically find a cheaper arm mount for $50 or perhaps even less on sites like Amazon.com.

If you are looking for an arm mount for an LCD television, then you should typically expect to pay a little more, especially if you have a LCD TV that is larger than 26 inches or so. While there are some products under $100, such as the Sylvania SYL-MA3210B Plasma LCD TV Wall Mount, these work best with smaller TVs. Arm mounts designed for smaller TVs usually have just one attachment plate for the TV. However, if you want to attach a larger LCD TV to an arm mount, then it is probably better to find a arm mount with two adjustable attachment bars. For example, the Peerless Articulating Wall Arm Mount for 32-50" Flat Panel TVs, which retails for $300, has two adjustable bars connected to the articulating arm. This provides for an adjustable arm bar with a little more stability. The adjustable arm on this product has a range of 5.6 to 30.5 inches, and it also has built in cord managements channels. Similar products can be found for $150 to $500, depending on the materials and features.

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