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Lcd Monitors Cheap - How to get cheap LCD Monitors

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With so many choices available for computers and computer monitors it can be hard to know what products are best and which ones will leave you with a serious case of buyer’s remorse. Although there are many areas where the differences between a low cost and a high end product will not be noticeable, LCD monitors are not one of those areas. When shopping for an LCD monitor, many consumers will be tempted by less expensive brands such as Acer. However, while these monitors can sometimes be $50 or more cheaper, they will lack many features that come with the name brand LCD monitors. Before buying the cheapest monitor on the shelf, it is important to take the time to consider what features you need in your monitor.

Cheap LCD monitors in the 15 to 19 inch range can usually be found for under $200. However, these monitors may be lacking quality speakers and some of the newer inputs such as HDMI or DVI. If you own a newer computer and buy a cheap LCD monitor with just a VGA input, you might need to buy extra adapters that will reduce or even eliminate the money you saved on the monitor. It is also likely that the picture quality on the cheaper monitor will not be as sharp, so it could wear out your eyes quicker than a higher quality monitor.

If you are looking at a LCD monitor and are not sure if it will be worth it to save a few extra bucks, there are a few key features to check. First, look at the inputs. If it only has a VGA input, then you might want to pass on it. Also, you need to consider the resolution. For a 17 inch LCD monitor, the native resolution should be about 1280 × 1024. Anything lower, and you will start to lose video quality. Also, if you plan to use the monitor for TV or movies, consider the aspect ratio. A 16 × 9 ratio is the standard for HD TVs, so be aware that a 16 × 10 monitor will change your viewing experience. Finally, you should consider the viewing angle. While the best way to judge this is to see the monitor from different angles for yourself, when you are looking at the description of the monitor, a viewing angle of 150 degrees or less could cause problems, especially if you are watching a movie from a distance on the monitor.

If you have taken the time to consider what features you need and are satisfied that a low priced Acer monitor will be sufficient, then go ahead and buy it. If, however, you think that getting LCD monitors cheap is not worth the hassle of dealing with poor picture quality and input issues, then you can still find a monitor that meets your needs without breaking the bank. There are many electronics sites that have regularly deals and there are other sites, like Slickdeals.net, that gather all of the internet deals each day. By patiently monitoring these sites and waiting for a good sale, you can often find a higher quality LCD monitor for a price that is comparable to the cheaper ones with fewer features.

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