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Ryobi Battery Charger - Buying a Ryobi Battery Charger - Where to Buy a Ryobi Battery Charger

riyobi power tools chargers

Riyobi is a popular brand of power tools and hardware that is used throughout the world. The top priorities for their customers are to offer innovative and affordable products for hobbyists, craft makers, woodworkers, and landscapers. They welcome invention submissions from the public directly on their website so that they may extend their reach and expand the options of their customers. All Riyobi products offer a 30-day, no questions asked, return option and they have a 2-year warranty.

Riyobi Power Tools is the North American company owned by the Riyobi parent corporation in Japan. Their power tools are sold exclusively through Home Depot stores in the United States. Most Riyobi power tools are cordless and come with a Riyobi battery charger. Each model of their tools uses a different model of charger. In addition, Riyobi sells multi-volt aftermarket battery chargers that can be used for different models of power tools and to charge more than a single battery at once.

Where to Buy a Ryobi Battery Charger

A Riyobi battery charger does not have to be purchased through Home Depot, like their power tools. The battery chargers can be purchased directly from Riyobi online, through Home Depot stores, or through one of several independent retailers for power tools parts and accessories.

Riyobi Online

The Riyobi parts and batteries website surprisingly sells only a limited line of batteries and battery chargers. At first entry, their website seems sleek, stylish, and easy to use. Once you begin trying to use it, the limits of the site become readily apparent. Not only is the website difficult to use and navigate, the products offered seem extremely limited. For an easier experience, it is highly recommended to purchase a Ryobi battery charger in-person at a retail store or through one of the many other online stores.

Home Depot

Home Depot has a great selection of Riyobi battery chargers available for sale. You can buy individual Riyobi batteries in 12V, 14.4V, 18V, and Tek4 4V Lithium-Ion versions. In addition, they have multiple types of Riyobi battery chargers. The list includes the following:

• Tek 4 4V Standard Charger
• Tek 4 4V Rapid Charger
• 18V Dual-Chemistry In-Vehicle Charger
• 18V 1-Hour Charger

Prices are acceptable at Home Depot and service is what you have come to expect from a big-box store.

Independent Retailers

The best source and selection of Riyobi battery charger is from the numerous independent online power tool accessories retailers. These websites are easy to find and most of them have very simple-to-use interfaces. In many cases, an original Riyobi battery charger can be found simply by selecting the model number of the power tool from a list or entering the model number or a keyword describer in the search box.

Besides the original battery chargers, you can also easily buy a choice of aftermarket multi-volt battery chargers. One of the most popular models is the #1400677, the Riyobi Multi-Volt Battery Charger with the ChargePlus+ System. The ChargePlus+ System uses advanced technology to charge nickel cadmium power tool batteries quickly and efficiently.

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