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Linksys Wireless Print Server - Linksys Wireless Printer Server

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More and more devices are operating on wireless networks, and one of the most convenient wireless services is the ability to print with a wireless connection. This capability is especially handy for laptop users who previously had to connect their laptop to the printer with a cord every time they needed to print something from their notebook. A wireless printer server is set up like a wireless router; however, rather than linking all of the computers on a network to the internet, the device links the network machines to a printer. Therefore, not just laptops, but all of the computers on the network can print by means of the router. Wireless print servers typically run on the same wireless networks that internet routers do (802.11 b, 802.11 g, or 802.11 n). Except for the older models that use line print terminal (LPT) ports, newer models use USB ports. Along with standard printer servers, many wireless routers also have a dual function as a printer server. Whether you are looking for just a printer server or a combination printer server/wireless router, some of the best wireless networking products come from Linksys. This company, which was acquired by Cisco in 2003, continues to produce high quality routers and printer servers.

If you are looking for a Linksys wireless printer server and not a combo router/printer server, the Linksys Wireless-G PrinterServer with Multifunction Printer Support is a good option. This device retails for $60, and is compatible with just about any printer with a USB connection. With its multifunction support, it allows you to access the print, scan, fax, and copy functions of your printer from your computer as well. The server can either be linked to your ethernet network or through a 54 Mbps wireless g signal. It also features 128 bit WPA-PSK encryption options and has set up and networking support for ease of use.

Unless you have a unique situation, however, you will probably be better off buying a combo router/printer server. When you are looking for a combination wireless router and printer server, the Linksys Wireless-N Broadband Router With Storage Link is a reliable option. This device, which retails for about $130, is designed for multiple users without any interruption in internet speed or printing capabilities. It has four 10/100 ethernet ports and a 128 bit WPA-PSK encryption feature, along with a USB connection for printers and other devices. The device also has a storage link feature so that you can link a USB flash drive or external hard drive directly to your network for remote file back ups. Finally, the EtherFast Network Attached Storage from Linksys is another way for larger offices to network their printers through a wireless connection. While the primary feature of this device to expand a local area network (LAN), it also has a printer server built in so that all computers on the network can printer through the LAN. This device and others like it around available for about $500, so in most offices, the printer server would be a secondary feature.

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