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Los Angeles Airport Transportation - Los Angeles International Airport Ground Transportation

Options and Prices

lax bus line transit

Situated at the I-405 and I-105 interchange southwest of downtown, the Los Angeles International Airport, commonly known by its IATA abbreviation LAX, is one of the most famous and busiest airports in the country. Just a couple blocks removed from the Pacific Ocean, the airport is south of Santa Monica, north of Redondo Beach, and west of Inglewood, putting it right in the heart of the Los Angeles metro area. Therefore, visitors to the airport have plenty of options when they are looking for Los Angeles airport transportation.

If you are driving yourself to LAX, the airport is accessible from the Century Blvd exit on I-405 and the Sepulveda Blvd on I-105, although it can also be reached from several other roads, including Lincoln Blvd. Given LA’s notoriously bad traffic, however, most visitors to the airport will want to find other transportation options.

Several bus lines serve the airport. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) has several routes that stop at the airport. Routes that stop at the LAX Transit Center include the Torrance Transit Line 8, Beach Cities Transit Line 109, Culver City Bus Line 6, and the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus Line 3. The LAX Transit Center is located in Parking Lot C of the airport and a shuttle bus offering free connections to the terminals is available there. Also, shuttle bus G in LAX provides a free connection to the Los Angeles County Metro Rail Green Line. Regular bus fare for both LACMTA buses and LACM trains is $1.50, and a day pass is available for $6. Additional fees may apply on some freeway routes.

In addition to the public transit buses, the Fly Away Bus shuttle service offers transportation from every airport terminal at LAX to four metropolitan locations. Fares for this service depend on the location you are traveling to or from. A one way ride to Irvine costs $25, but is free for kids 14 and under. A one way ticket to Van Nuys or Union Station in downtown LA costs $7, but is only free for children under age 6. Finally, a one way fare to Westwood is $5, and is also free for children age 5 and under. Also, for airport employees, a monthly pass for Van Nuys, Union Station, or Westwood is available for $120 per month.

For those who want to take a taxi from the airport, there are nine taxi companies that are supervised by the Authorized Taxicab Supervision Inc. While taxis are available at every terminal, the easiest place to get a taxi quickly is the central terminal area near the 96th Street Bridge. Taxi fares vary depending on your location, but expect to pay about $45 to get from the airport to downtown LA in a taxi. The best place to find a car or limo service at LAX is also the central terminal area. While prices for these services can also vary depending on the type of car and the place you need to go, expect to pay about $100 for a standard car service to or from the airport. If you want a specialty car or limousine, prices can be as high as $310 for an SUV limo.

With options available for all budgets and interests, visitors to LAX should have little trouble finding the right Los Angeles airport transportation.

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