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Water Fountains Outdoor - Buying and Installing Outdoor Water Fountains - Benefits of Outdoor Water Fountains, Types of Outdoor Water Fountains

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In recent years, outdoor water fountains have grown exponentially in popularity. They are so popular that every Tom, Dick, and Harry tries to put one in even if they cannot afford it and have no time to install it, so it ends up looking like a leaking trash can half-buried in the backyard. If you plan on purchasing or building and installing an outdoor fountain it is worth caring about and doing right.

The first step in getting an outdoor water fountain is arming yourself with knowledge on the subject. The second step is making sure you have enough money for the endeavor. You are not going to flatter yourself with the $29.99 Kmart special water fountain kit. It is worth going to a reputable landscape supply dealer, even if it is only a nearby Lowes or Home Depot.

There are numerous possibilities in installing outdoor water fountains. Taking the time to explore your space, how the fountains work, the different designs, and the different material available will you go in for your purchase with a good idea of what it is you want, so a shifty salesmen does not push a cheap design on you because they have too many of them in the warehouse.

Benefits of Outdoor Water Fountains

Any area outside your home can benefit from an outdoor water fountain. If you spend any amount of time outdoors, it will immediately become either a focal point or a dynamic complement to your garden or patio.

Outdoor water fountains are beloved for appealing to several of the senses at once. They are interesting to watch. Not only can the structure of the fountain be enjoyable to view, but the movement of the water can also be pleasing to the eyes. The sound of the water falling through or over the fountain has an extremely calming and relaxing effect, creating a mood of tranquility. Water fountains release negative ions that can appeal to the sense of smell, clearing odors and leaving behind only crisp, fresh outdoor air.

Types of Outdoor Water Fountains

There are several different types of outdoor water fountains from which to choose. One popular design is the classic spitting water fountain. This usually features a sculpture with a single water line output somewhere on the sculpture. If the sculpture is of a person or animal, the water can spit from the mouth, or other parts of the body. Although in the industry it is called a spitting fountain, the water streams more than spits. The water then collects in a bowl in which the sculpture is standing.

Birdbath fountains are another popular type of outdoor water fountain for garden settings. With birdbath fountains, the movement of the water is very subtle. The new water often only skims the surface as the older water is pulled into the pump from underneath. This helps keep the water fresher for longer compared to traditional still birdbaths.

Pond fountains are a good idea if you already have an outdoor pond. The installation is simple and you do not need much in the way of design. This type of fountain just requires a pump and some accessories of your choice.

Flowerbed and cistern fountains are other choices that work well in certain situations. A cistern or reflective pool fountain can help to add a touch of elegance to any outdoor setting.

Materials for Outdoor Water Fountains

When you begin to think about it, the possibilities for outdoor water fountains are limited only by space and cost. The material from which the fountain is made can make all the difference. When shopping around, you will do well to explore a variety of materials and think about which will be best for you. Here are some of the most common materials used for outdoor water fountains:

• Bamboo – often used for Asian-themed gardens.
• Brass – very durable, but is heavy and expensive.
• Ceramic – popular but susceptible to cracking.
• Fiberglass – a great option for fountains where the water itself is the focal point.
• Resin – very economical, lightweight, and can be used to simulate more expensive materials.
• Slate – natural stone that can layer for waterfall-style fountains.
• Stone – granite, marble, and other types of rock are durable, but also can be extremely expensive.
• Wood – requires strong waterproofing and is good for a rustic look.

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