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Men's Sport Coats - Men's Sport Coats

Features and Options

wool materials polyester options

One of the most versatile clothing options for men is the sport coat. Typically, mens sport coats have more options in styles, colors, and materials than suit coats and can therefore be worn in a number of different settings. Sport coats are commonly called blazers. While a blazer is technically a different kind of jacket, few people make a strong distinction between a sport coat or a blazer anymore. With so many options for men’s sport coats available, every man should probably have at least one or two in the closet to pull out for that special occasion if not on a regular basis.

When shopping for a sport coat, there are many factors to consider, but some of the key features are material, color, and style.

Different sport coat materials have different features and advantages. One of the most common sport coat fabrics is wool. While wool sport coats can sometimes be expensive, they are usually worth the investment because of their durability and flexibility. Also, while some wool sport coats can be hot in the summer months, a lighter weight 100% wool sport coat can usually be worn all year. Another common material for sport coats is polyester. While polyester was known as a particularly ugly fabric because of its role in some horrendous 1970s fashions, most modern polyester fabrics look much better than the fabric of 30 years ago. While polyester sport coats are not as durable as wool or linen coats, a polyester blend coat could be a good option to save money on a sport coat. For lighter weight sport coats, linen is a good fabric. It is typically stronger than wool, and a wool-linen blend can provide a good durable material for a sport coat. Because of its higher cost, silk sport coats are less common than wool or other materials; however, a wool-silk or linen-silk blend sport coat, while less expensive, is a close simulation of a 100% wool coat. Besides the most common materials listed above, several other materials are used for men’s sport coats, including corduroy, suede, and even sometimes leather.

While it is ideal to have at least two or three sport coats, if you can only afford one, then a classic navy blue sport coat is probably the best place to start. After this, a light brown camel hair sport coat should probably be your next purchase. After this, a gray sport coat should be the next addition to your wardrobe. If you want to add other options, tweed, black and white herringbone or hounds tooth are popular sport coat colors.

Finally, when you are considering the style of your sport coat, the most important thing to find is a coat that fits correctly. Beyond that, you will need to decide on whether you want a double breasted or single breasted sport coat. A double breasted coat has overlapping panels with two rows of buttons, and a single breasted jacket has just one row of buttons and no overlap. Also, most sport coats have a single vent, or split, in the back just below the waist. Those that do not are called no-vent and those that have a split along either seam are called double-vented sport coats. All of these features will affect both the look and the fit of the jacket, so be sure to try it on and find something that satisfies you.

Prices for sport coats can vary widely. You could find a quality sport coat at a resale shop for under $10 or you could spend several thousand dollars for a specially tailored coat. Generally speaking, however, a reasonably priced quality sport coat will cost between $100 and $500.

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