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Now Magazine Toronto - Now Magazine Toronto - Canada's Alternative News - About Now Magazine Toronto, Advertising in Now Magazine Toronto

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If you live anywhere in the vicinity of Toronto, chances are that you have heard of Now Magazine. If you are new to the area, plan on moving to the area soon, or are just visiting, Now Magazine Toronto can make your life easier while keeping you informed on local, national, and international issues, the focus being on local. In addition to news, Now can help you find the best in entertainment, restaurants, dining, and nightlife with their expert reviews. If you have a business in the area or plan on opening one soon, advertising in Now is a great way to boost sales or build clientele.

About Now Magazine Toronto

Now Magazine was first printed on September 10, 1981 by co-founders Michael Hollett and Alice Klein. Their goal was to provide Toronto with an alternate perspective on local to international issues with informative and entertaining reading. A key focus then and now is also to provide listings for activities and events in and around the city. These listings are currently the most extensive printed.

In 1981, Now had only a staff of five, including the two co-founders. Today, they have over 100 full-time employees, and Toronto’s little weekly paper has grown to become an important voice for both political and cultural issues, and it has readers in Canada from coast-to-coast.

Among the employees and writers for Now Magazine Toronto are some of the leading critics and reviewers who have done much to help establish local artists, entertainers, and productions. They also hire fresh new writers who often move on to bigger and better opportunities after proving themselves and establishing a readership at Now. Their hard-hitting news section has been called fresh and intelligent, a welcome read from standard news reporting.

Now is a weekly paper published each Thursday, but it is available in many downtown Toronto locations on Wednesday evening. It is distributed to more than 2,000 outlets in the greater metro area. To reach readers in other locations in Canada, Now Magazine Toronto is also available online at www.nowtoronto.com.

Advertising in Now Magazine Toronto

Advertising in Now Magazine Toronto is perhaps the most effective print advertising in the city. As readership of major newspapers falls throughout North America, Now readership continues to grow because of their perspective on cultural and environmental issues real people are facing in the real world.

Now supports itself and its advertisers by complementing the weekly print magazine with an online edition that is updated on a daily basis and by remaining active in social networking applications such as Facebook. Now Magazine also has an iPhone application that consistently makes the top 50 downloads list.

Now is not just a throwaway newspaper. They print special editions and guides that are saved by readers who refer to them throughout the year and beyond. Now also projects itself through sponsoring key high-profile events in Toronto. All of these efforts keep Now at the forefront of readers’ thoughts so you know your advertising is reaching active eyes and minds.

Contact Now Magazine Toronto

Now Magazine
189 Church Street
Toronto, ON M5B 1Y7
Phone: 416-364-1300
Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm

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