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Clear Christmas Lights - Decorating with Clear Christmas Lights - Types of Clear Christmas Lights

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Clear Christmas lights are an effective decorative item not only during the holiday season, but all through the year. Any type of event of special occasion can be spruced up with clear Christmas lights, whether it is held outdoors or indoors. Many people prefer these type of lights for the holidays simply because they are so versatile. It just does not make much sense to have to spend a fortune for decorations for each event that occurs during the year.

One event where clear Christmas lights have become popular is at a wedding. Strands of white mini-lights can be hung from the ceiling intertwined together and running parallel. They can also be used to create a great effect in a grid pattern across the ceiling. Another great application for clear Christmas lights is to use them as a decorative border on tables – the cake table, for instance. Some people like to use them on the floor to mark walkways or halls through which everyone must pass.

Clear Christmas lights work great in outdoor settings for nighttime patio or garden parties. The light is enough for decorative purposes or all-purpose ambient light. If you have an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or another type of open flame light source, the clear mini-lights are the perfect complement. Some of the best places to use these lights outdoors are in tree branches, wrapped around tree trunks, on fences, or in shrubs.

Birthdays are another great occasion for using clear Christmas lights. Like weddings, they can be used to decorate the ceiling or tables. They are also a great way for lighting up a dance floor in conjunction with a disco ball. That is a sure way to add some sparkle to a party.

Of course, the best time of year to use white Christmas lights will always be during the holiday season. One great application for clear Christmas lights is to use them as a foundation light for the Christmas tree. Wrap the lights around the trunk of the tree, leaving plenty of outward branch space. This creates a white core around which you can string other single-colored lights or multi-colored lights.

Here are some other tips for using clear Christmas lights:

• Use year-round on a porch ceiling or the underside of a patio awning.
• Highlight decorative trees indoors or outdoors.
• Use them for nightlights in the home, yard, or garden.
• If you own a retail business, use them for floor or window displays.
• Clear Christmas lights look great around windows and doors.

Types of Clear Christmas Lights

There are several different types of clear Christmas lights. They also come with different colored wiring. While green is the most popular wiring color, clear Christmas lights can also be found in white and brown.

LED Lights – This type of clear Christmas lights is one of the newest. They use less electricity than regular lights but have a higher upfront cost.

Mini-lights – These are the most popular type of Christmas lights. The bulbs are usually spaced 4 inches apart.

C7/C9 Lights – These are the large-bulbed lights that were once extremely popular both outdoors and indoors. They are used less frequently today because of their high electric cost and heat generation.

Net Lights – Net lights are strings of Christmas lights connected in a grid pattern. They make decorating tree branches, shrubs, and fences easy.

Icicle Lights – These lights are named for their appearance. They consist of a main wire with several smaller strands from 6 -18 inches, hanging from it.

Garland Lights – Essentially, these are mini-lights where the spacing between lights has been reduced to about 1 inch.

Rope Lights – Rope lights come in a roll. The lights and wires are encased in a clear plastic tube for easy decorating and protection.

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