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Furuno Marine Electronics - Buying Furuno Marine Electronics - Who is Furuno?, Furuno Marine Electronics Products

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Furuno is a global company and leading manufacturer of marine electronics. Their equipment is used in private, commercial, and government vessels of all types around the world, including powerboats, sailboats, and commercial and sport fishing vessels. Their products include GPS devices, radar, fish finders, chart plotters, and autopilots.

Who is Furuno?

Furuno is a Japanese company founded as Furuno Electric Shokai LTD in Nagasaki, Japan in 1938. Ten years later they manufactured and distributed the first practical fish-finding device in the world. Ten years after that, in 1958, the company went global with sales to China, Australia, and Argentina.

The innovations of Furuno continued through the 1970s and 1980s with products such as the marine autopilot system, satellite positioning, ultra-compact radar, and the marine fax machine.

In the next two decades, Furuno Marine Electronics embraced the computer and satellite age with new products such as the GPS time server, digital mapping systems, data recorders, and combination devices.

Today Furuno Marine Electronics operates from headquarters in 79 different countries and has an estimated 50 percent share in the marine radar market. Their headquarters is now in Hyogo, Japan where they continue to develop their “Sensing, Processing, and Communications Technologies.”

Furuno Marine Electronics Products

Most of Furuno Marine Electronics’ products are in the above-mentioned categories: GPS navigation, marine radar, fish finders, chart plotters, and autopilots.

GPS Navigation
Furuno GPS navigation systems come in two different versions: NavNet 3D and NavNet VX2. NavNet equipment works on a component system that uses separate GPS receivers, multi-function displays or marine monitors, analog or satellite weather stations, plug-in components that reach through each of their product categories.

GPS receivers come in two outboard varieties for $400 and $450. There is also an indoor all-in-one receiver with a 4.3” LCD screen (model: GP33) that sells for $595. NavNet multi-function displays are high-end products with screens up to 12.1” in size. They start at $3,595 and go upwards to $10,995. The regular monitors are also not cheap. The largest monitor has a 17” screen and sells for $6,495.

Marine Radar

Marine radar is one of the specialties of Furuno Marine Electronics. Compact starter models work at 2.2 kW, while commercial-grade radar units operate at 50 kW. Some of their popular models include the following:

• 1715 – This is a basic 24 NM radar unit at 2.2 kW. It has a 7” monochrome LCD display. Price: $2,195.
• 1835 – The 1835 is the entry-level model of 4.0 kW radar devices. It uses 36 NM radar, has a color 10.4” screen, and sells for $4,895.
• FR8252 – This is 96 NM radar system with a 25 kW transmitter and 12.1” color LCD display. It sells for $13,120.

Fish Finders
Both commercial and sport fishermen rely on Furuno fish finders. They are considered the most reliable on the market. Units are available for any type of vessel and include the following:

• LS4100 – This is the entry-level starting fish finder. It has a 5” LCD display and operates on a dual frequency of 50/200 kHz at 300W. It sells for $295.
• FCV585 – The 585 is a low-end model of FCV line. It has an 8.4” color LCD display and operates on dual frequencies. Several alarms and display modes are available. It has a range of 2,500’ with either 600W or 1 kW. List price is $1,695.
• FCV1200 – At the high-end of the FCV line is the 1200. It has a 10.4” color display and a range of 6,000’ at 1, 2, or 3 kW of power. It sells for $9,795.

Chart Plotters
Furuno chart plotters use the latest technology available to make navigation easier than ever before. Ten models are currently available for sale, including these:

• GP7000/NT – This is the entry-level chart plotter from Furuno. It can work with a variety of vessel types. It has a 7” color display and uses either a WAAS or GPS receiver. It sells for $1,795.
• GP1720C – This plotter has a 7” color display and uses the NavNet VX2 technology that can combine navigation, plotting, weather, and fish-finding. This unit sells for $2,395.
MFDBB – The MFDBB represents the latest in technology. It uses the new NavNet 3D technology for instant charting and user-adjustable viewing. List price is $10,995.

Furuno autopilots use self-learning adaptive software with an algorithm designed for optimum course piloting. Here are some popular models:

NAVPILOT 511 – This model has a 3.6” monochrome display with several operation modes. It sells for $3,395.
NAVPILOT 520 – This is a handheld control unit so the autopilot can be operated from anywhere onboard the vessel. It sells for $3,395.

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