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Cooper Contact Lenses - Buying Cooper Contact lenses - Who makes Cooper Contact Lenses?, Brands of Cooper Contact Lenses

coopervision world eye quality

One of the leading manufacturers of contact lenses in the U.S. and the world is CooperVision. CooperVision has over 30 years of experience in the industry, offering contact lenses that are not only made for the best in health, but for the best in comfort. They are recommended by optometrists and ophthalmologists the world over. Cooper contact lenses are manufactured under ten different brand names.

Who makes Cooper Contact Lenses?

Cooper contact lenses are made by CooperVision, the contact lens arm of the larger Cooper Companies, Inc., that also includes a division for women’s surgical products. Cooper Companies employs 6,600 people and in 2009 had sales totaling over $1 billion with a net income of over $100 million.

CooperVision began in 1979 and is based out of Irvine, California with a large manufacturing plant in Rochester, New York. They are currently the second-largest manufacturer of contact lenses in the world and the largest manufacturer of toric lenses for people with astigmatism. In 2005, CooperVision acquired Ocular Sciences, Inc., which extended its range of lens produced and added key enhancements to the manufacturing process.

Cooper contact lenses are manufactured through the most advanced means on the planet. Their manufacturing systems work in conjunction with packaging, labeling, and distribution to ensure a product of consistently high quality. The company prides itself not only on the quality of their contact lenses, but on their record of reliable on-time order fulfillment for contact lens retailers and eye care professionals all over the world.

Brands of Cooper Contact Lenses

Cooper contact lenses are marketed under ten different brand names, each representing a specific lens composition or a technological process in their manufacture.

Avaira – Avaira Cooper contact lenses are made from a material that binds water within the lens so they remain moist without an outside source or the need for wetting agents. This is the result of the company’s Aquaform technology that makes the lenses softer and more comfortable than ever before.

Biofinity – Biofinity Cooper contact lenses use a high-performance silicone gel that also uses the Aquaform technology. The benefits of this silicone gel are high breathability, softness, moisture retention, round edges, and an aspheric surface for sharp focus. These lenses are highly resistant to dehydration and the collection of calcium deposits.

Biomedics – The Biomedics brand of Cooper contact lenses use an aspheric optical design that has been engineered to efficiently focus light entering the lens to the pupil. This results in enhanced image quality, especially for those who suffer from spherical aberration in their eyes.

ClearSight – ClearSight 1 Day lenses eliminate the need for any sort of contact lens care. Simply put them on at the start of the end and throw them out at the end of the day. There is no need for cleaning or storage. They come in packs of 90 lenses.

Expressions Accents – These lenses enhance the natural color of any eye. They are also extremely comfortable and easy to care for. They come in a choice of four colors: aqua, blue, green, and violet.

Frequency 55 – These lenses are designed to allow anyone with aspheric eyes to be able to wear contact lenses by focusing the light directly to the back of the eye. To do this, Cooper uses a manufacturing technology called UltraSync. They also come in a version for spherical eyes.

Hydrasoft – Hydrasoft offers one of the widest range of prescriptions of any contact lens in the world. Many people who previously could not wear contacts at all have found that they fit the profile for Hydrasoft.

Preference – This brand uses a tetrafilcon A material for a durable lens that is surprisingly deposit-resistant. They are recommended for first-time contact lens wearers and are designed to be replaced on a quarterly basis.

Proclear – Proclear 1 Day lenses are daily replaceable lenses that cannot be surpassed in comfort. They use phosphorylcholine, a natural substance in the human eye, to attract water and hold it into the lens.

Vertex – Vertex lenses are surprisingly comfortable and have great vision quality. They are a disposable lens made through the UltraSync process.

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