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Gifts For Boss - How to Buy Gifts for the Boss - Gifts for the Boss Ideas

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No matter how long someone is in the workforce, the question sprouts up again and again about the how to buy gifts for the boss. Gift-giving to a boss was once a workplace taboo. It was simply not considered an appropriate action for people in a purely professional relationship. Gifts were for friends and family. It was appropriate for the boss to give gifts under the guise of them coming from the company, but gift-giving up the ladder was forbidden.

In many companies, gift-giving in the workplace is still against official company policy and breaking it can have consequences that include written warnings or dismissal. For this reason, before considering anything else, check with the human resources department of your company to see if gift-giving is allowed. If allowed, there are still some informal guidelines of etiquette that should be followed.

When you buy gifts for the boss, three occasions come to mind: Bosses Day, birthday, and Christmas/winter holiday. In the best-case scenario, gifts should not be given personally. In most circumstances, a group gift from employees wishing to contribute is the most appropriate sort of gift.

No matter if the gift is personal or a group-effort, the first rule of etiquette demands that a strict spending limit be observed. A generally accepted amount for a personal gift is $15. Group gifts can go up to $50, but should not be much more. The gift should always be a token. The gesture should always be more meaningful than the gift. Price limits are observed for two reasons: expensive gifts easily take on the appearance of a bribe and mid-range gifts are taken as an overt act of brown-nosing.

The second rule of buying gifts for the boss is in the timing. Unless there is an official time designated for the giving of gifts, it should not be done on company time. It should be done before or after hours.

Thirdly, buying gifts for the boss should take some thought. This rule is not really meant only for bosses, but for gift-giving in general. Gifts should not contradict the lifestyle or goals of the recipient. For example, alcohol should not be given to non-drinkers, chocolates should not be given to dieters, and religious gifts are best left alone altogether. It usually goes without saying, but items of a personal nature should also be avoided. These types of gifts include clothing, perfume, hygienic items, and jewelry.

Gifts for the Boss Ideas

With some gifts for the boss, you can never go wrong. There are gifts that are almost always safe to give, no matter the boss and no matter the situation. Here are some of the top ideas for buying the boss a gift:

• Food – Food does not always have to be high-calorie items like chocolates that should be avoided in some situations. Food gifts can include cheese, coffee, muffins, fruit, nuts, and much more.

• Office Supplies – Office supply gifts should not be something you could grab from the supply closet and neither should they be too personal. Semi-personal office supply items include paperweights, pens, calendars, bookends, or bookshelf knick-knacks.

• Movie Tickets – Everyone loves movies. They are affordable and not too personal.

• Charity Donations – In lieu of a gift, a card and a donation to the boss’ favorite charity is appropriate.

• Magazine Subscriptions – A subscription to a magazine appropriate for the boss is not too personal and keeps on giving the whole year round.

• Picture Frames – A picture frame including a work-related photo makes a good gift.

• Gift Certificates – A modest gift certificate to a department store or other local store makes a good gift.

• Engraved items – Trophies, nameplates, and other engraved items can make a boss feel special while not being too personal.

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