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Canon Camcorder Accessories - Shopping for Canon Camcorder Accessories - Canon camcorder accessories kits, Power adapters and chargers, Memory cards and cassettes

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Owning a camcorder allows you to capture all of your memories on film, and there are plenty of Canon camcorder accessories that will help you make the most of those memories. There are many different kinds of Canon camcorder accessories, from the necessary items like chargers and batteries, to the little extras like tripods or microphones.

Canon camcorder accessories kits

One of the easiest ways to make sure you have all the Canon camcorder accessories you need when first purchasing a new camcorder is to purchase an accessories kit. These kits typically come with a bag and an extra battery pack for your camcorder, although some of the more complete ones also include a memory card, DVD-R disks, and an SD adapter if the camera uses mini-SD memory cards. Canon camcorder accessory kits range in price from $80 to $140.

Power adapters and chargers

One of the most important Canon camcorder accessories is the battery, and of course you cannot get by without chargers or power adapters. Depending on what kind of camcorder you have, you may require either a separate battery charger that plugs into the wall or a power adapter that plugs your camcorder into the wall and charges the battery. Canon also sells some car adapters for those who want to be able to charge their camcorders on the road. Usually a power adapter or charger comes with the camcorder, although you can purchase them separately if you want to have an extra one or if the one you have is broken. Just make sure to look on the camcorder to see what the model is and match it up to the appropriate adapter or battery charger by reading the package instructions. Power adapters and battery chargers range in price from $165 for some car chargers to $30 for a replacement power adapter for some camcorder models. Replacement batteries for your camcorder range in price from $70 to $300, depending on what model you need them for.

Memory cards and cassettes

Another essential on anyone’s shopping list of Canon camcorder accessories are memory cards. Not all camcorders take the same kind of memory card, so make sure that you purchase the right one for your camera. The easiest way to find out what kind of memory card your camera needs is to look in the manual, although you can also look at what is in your camera and go from there. Some of the older Canon camcorders still take mini-DV cassettes, which are also available. Prices range from $25 for a package of MiniDV cassettes to $90 for a 32 GB memory card. The higher the number of gigabytes in the memory card, the more video it will hold and the more expensive it will be. Also you will find memory cards in either SD or SDHC formats, and the cards look about the same, although the SDHC format is newer, so double-check your camcorder’s manual to make sure you purchase the right format.

Other Canon camcorder accessories

There are also plenty of little extras, like tripods, microphones, and flash adapters. One of the most popular flash adapters is the one that allows you to use a Speedlite flash with a Canon camcorder. These adapters sell for about $80, and they are commonly used by photographers who use a Speedlite flash on their digital SLR camera but need a little extra light for when they are shooting video. Also some people like to hook microphones up to their camcorder, and the best choice for this accessory is a directional microphone, which sells for about $140. This will help you hone in on the things you want to actually hear in your video. In some cases you may also need to purchase an adapter so the microphone will hook up to your camcorder.

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