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Canon Camera Batteries - A Guide to Canon Camera Batteries - Rectangular batteries, Other Canon camera batteries

battery looking cameras shape

When looking for replacement Canon camera batteries, sometimes finding the right ones can be a bit confusing. There are many different kinds of Canon camera batteries, and it is important to make sure that the batteries you purchase will actually work with your camera. Of course the easiest way to find out what kind of battery you need is to take out your current battery and take it to the store with you. The camera’s manual will also give you an explanation of what kind of battery the camera needs. All Canon camera batteries are lithium-ion, so that is the first thing to look for. Beyond that, start by looking at the size and shape of the battery.

Rectangular batteries

The greatest majority of Canon camera batteries are rectangular in shape, so if the battery you are looking for does not fit in this category, then your job is much easier. Some Canon camera batteries have one or two rounded edges, while others are just flat rectangles. Looking at the shape of the battery compartment in the camera will give you some idea of what you are looking for.

Additionally, if you purchase your Canon camera batteries online, most shopping websites will give a listing of the cameras they are compatible with. This can be a valuable resource because usually the different lines of the Canon family take a specific battery. For example, the Canon Rebel cameras typically take one kind of battery, while the cameras in the Powershot family take a different type of battery. If your camera takes one of the many different kinds of rectangular Canon camera batteries, then always read the packaging or the website listing carefully to make sure that your model of camera is listed. Many of these batteries look very similar in size and shape, but they are not the same.

Although there are so many different rectangular batteries, the price of the Canon camera batteries does not change much when you are looking at this largest category of batteries. Usually you can find these batteries for between $40 and $60, and most of them are extremely common and very easy to find. Just make sure that you match the battery up with the model of your camera so that you can be sure that the battery is compatible with your camera.

Other Canon camera batteries

A few Canon cameras take batteries that are essentially AA batteries. However, these batteries are rechargeable and made of lithium-ion, so the camera is not compatible with regular AA batteries. There are special battery chargers for these batteries also. The AA lithium-ion batteries typically cost around $70 for a four-pack, and the charger for the batteries is about $20.

Another type of battery that a few cameras take is a battery pack that looks like two AA batteries sealed in a plastic pack. This type of battery is commonly used with Canon camcorders, and it typically costs around $25.

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