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Canon Camera Cases - The Best Canon Camera Bags - Canon shoulder bags, Canon backpacks, Small Canon camera pouches

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There are several different kinds of Canon camera bags, so it can be rather difficult deciding which one is the best for you. Canon camera bags can be large or small, waterproof or not necessarily waterproof. Also some bags are meant to be hung around your neck, while other bags are made to be slung over your shoulder. Choosing the best Canon camera bags is certainly a matter of personal preference, although it helps to have an understanding of what others say about the bags before you purchase one.

Canon shoulder bags

The most popular type of Canon camera bags these days is the shoulder bag. These bags tend to be quite large with several compartments, including a special one that is meant for the camera. By far, the best Canon shoulder bag is the 200-DG digital camera bag. This bag is compatible with most digital SLR cameras, and there is room for six lenses, in addition to the camera. Also the spaces inside the camera can be adjusted a bit to include two cameras and two or three lenses instead. There are also plenty of outside pockets to carry all of those little extra accessories you just cannot do without. The only bad thing about this camera bag is the fact that it can be a bit difficult to get into if you are in a hurry. Some professional photographers may not find this bag to be helpful if they do not have adequate time to set up properly beforehand. The reason it is so difficult to get into this bag quickly is because the Velcro that holds the bag closed is not very strong, so you must rely on the snaps, which takes a minute to undo. The gadget bag sells for about $65, or you can purchase it in an accessories pack with an extra battery and memory cards to save a little bit of money off the bag.

Canon backpacks

Another great choice in Canon camera bags for digital SLR cameras is the Canon deluxe backpack. This bag looks like an ordinary school bag, but it contains plenty of pockets for all of your camera accessories. The best thing about this bag is that it really does carry a lot of things. However, people who own it say the bag is a bit clumsy. Also not all retail stores that sell Canon camera bags sell this one, so sometimes it is necessary to order it online if you cannot find it in a store. The deluxe backpack retails for about $80.

Small Canon camera pouches

There are also plenty of great Canon camera bags for those who have a small digital camera that is not SLR. These bags are usually smaller pouches, and they are pretty standard in size and shape. However, the best bag in this category is definitely the Canon PowerShot camera case. It sells for only about $15, and the only things it gets marked down on are durability and comfort. However, it does fit most Canon cameras, and it still gets four out of five stars for both of those two categories, in addition to five stars for appearance and value.

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