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Canon Color Copiers - Shopping for Canon Color Copiers - The Basics, Mid-level Canon color copiers

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Canon is a leading name in copiers, and there are many different kinds of Canon color copiers that are made to suit every possible need. It is important to think about exactly what your needs are when shopping for Canon color copiers. A wide variety of features are available on each copier, so you want to be sure that you purchase the right features and do not end up spending too much on features that you simply do not need. Here is a quick look at the various features that are available on Canon color copiers. All of the Canon color copiers belong to the imageRUNNER family, so it is very important to read the specifications and features on each copier before comparing prices at different retailers.

The Basics

The most basic copier in the Canon family allows users to copy, print, scan, and fax all at the same time. It copies at a rate of 22 pages per minute, which is not exceedingly fast, but it will work wonderfully for many basic office environments. This copier is extremely versatile because it can either fit right on your desktop or on top of a special copy center you have in your office. Users say that this copier is quite easy to use, and the control panel can be tilted at different angles so that you do not have trouble seeing it, even if the copier is tucked away in a cabinet most of the time. This very basic printer in the Canon family is the C1022, and it retails for around $2,200.

Mid-level Canon color copiers

Consumers who are looking for Canon color copiers that have some additional features but not necessarily all of the bells and whistles will also find plenty of mid-level Canon color copiers to choose from. These copiers typically print between 30 and 50 pages per minute. Our pick for mid-level Canon color copiers is the C5045, which prints 45 pages per minute. It is not the fastest mid-level copier, but it makes up for that with its speedy double processor system that rapidly changes paper files into digital ones. One of the nicest things about this copier is the fact that the tasks you perform with the copier often can be reduced to just one button rather than the many steps you currently must follow in order to complete them. Also this copier can create images in many different kinds of PDF files, which makes it a very versatile copier. The C5045 sells for around $9,000.

Canon color copiers with everything

Businesses that spend a lot of time making copies and working with pages should definitely check out the C9075 Pro. This system basically places a copier manufacturing line right in your office. It features 1200 × 1200 dpi resolution and prints at an incredible 75 pages per minute. This system is also a smart system, meaning that the work does not stop if it runs out of paper for one job. It will just continue on to the next job until you add more paper for the other job. This copier also has the capability to print on different kinds and weights of paper, which is very valuable for a company that is turning out many different kinds of creative documents. The C9075 Pro sells for about $50,000.

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