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Canon Digital Camera Accessories - A Guide to Canon Digital Camera Accessories - The Necessities, Canon digital camera accessories to work toward, The Extras

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Canon is very well known for digital cameras, and there are all kinds of Canon digital camera accessories that will make your picture-taking experience even better. Amateur and professional photographers alike enjoy using many of these Canon digital camera accessories, especially if they already own a Canon digital SLR camera.

The Necessities

Of course anyone who is really into photography may consider almost all of these Canon digital camera accessories to be necessities, but the fact of the matter is that some of these items are simply more essential to taking good pictures. First on the list of necessary Canon digital camera accessories are extra batteries and memory cards. The camera will not work without a battery or a memory card, and there is nothing more disheartening then showing up somewhere with your camera, only to realize that your battery is dead or your memory card is full. Always keep extra memory cards and batteries on hand. The prices of memory cards and batteries ranges from $70 to $100, depending on which model of camera you have and how much memory you want on the memory card.

Another necessary item is a battery charge, which usually comes with the camera. However, sometimes you might find it helpful to have an extra battery charger. An extra charger usually retails for about $50.

Most photographers will also find it helpful to purchase a high quality bag to carry all of their equipment in. A good quality bag should cost around $70, and you may even want to purchase an accessory kit, which includes the bag and an extra memory card and battery. These kits usually cost around $150, which saves you a bit of money if it includes all three Canon digital camera accessories.

Canon digital camera accessories to work toward

In addition to the necessities, which will be needed right away, there are also a couple of things you should save up for. Every photographer needs at least one other lens than his primary lens. Keep in mind that lenses can get very expensive, but you do not have to necessarily spend a lot of money to get an extra lens. The best bet when it comes to looking for a second lens is a telephoto lens. This will give you the versatility of shooting either nearby with your primary lens or far away with your zoom lens. The EF 75-300 mm telephoto zoom is probably the best lens of all because it provides high quality telephoto capabilities for only $200.

Another item to save up for is a flash. Of course Canon cameras do come with their own flash, but the only way to get really high quality pictures in an area that is at all dark is to purchase a separate flash. The best option in flashes is definitely the Speedlite series. These flashes are lightweight and come with a red eye reduction feature. The Speedlite 430 EX is the best of the best series here because it offers complete swivel capabilities and the ability to control the flash on your camera’s menu. It retails for a little over $300.

The Extras

Another item that might come in handy is a remote control for the camera. There are a couple of different styles, but the best kind to purchase is the wireless kind. Wireless remotes cost about the same as a wired remote. They also perform all of the same functions, except they do not require you to be next to the camera when taking a picture. Even if you just like to step back from the camera and take a picture without looking in the viewfinder at the moment you snap the picture, you should definitely look into getting a wireless remote because then there is always the option of being able to be in the photographs too. A good wireless remote from Canon costs about $25.

Also many photographers find it helpful to own a tripod. Tripods are pretty standard, and they make sure you always have a steady shot. A tripod from Canon should cost around $30.

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