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Canon Lide Scanner - All about the Canon LiDE Scanner - Canon LiDE scanner differences, Similarities

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The Canon LiDE scanner is the perfect solution for either home or office. There have been several editions of the Canon LiDE scanner, and the most popular edition is the LiDE 100, although quite a few people also have the newer LiDE 200. The newest edition is the LiDE 210, but it has not yet been released. Amazon currently has it for sale as a pre-order item for $90.

Canon LiDE scanner differences

Probably the reason so many people are still purchasing the Canon LiDE scanner 100 is because of the price tag. It is half the price of the 210, and many people do not mind that the quality of the scans are not as good. The resolution on the LiDE 100 is 2400 × 4800, while the resolution on the LiDE 210 is 4800 × 4800. The newest Canon LiDE scanner has more than 281 trillion colors and a 48-bit color depth, which makes for crystal clear images that people just did not dream of a few years ago.

Another major difference between the Canon LiDE scanner 100 and the 210 is the speed. The 100 takes about 24 seconds to scan one page, but the 210 has the same page scanned in about 10 seconds, making it a lightning fast scanner. The only real complaint customers had about the 100 model was the slow speed, so it would seem that Canon has certainly focused on correcting that more and more with each new model that comes out.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the Canon LiDE scanner 210 comes with Windows 7 drivers installed. Customers recommend that you wait and purchase the new 210 model if you are running Windows 7 because some of them say that they downloaded the free Windows 7 drivers for the 200 scanner and cannot get them to work on the computer.


There are also many popular features that the Canon LiDE scanner has not changed much through the years. For example, the scanner is still considered to be a very energy efficient appliance because its own power source is one USB cable, which connects to the computer that you are already using. Also the Canon LiDE scanner has an auto-scan feature, which many customers especially appreciate. The auto-scan feature allows the Canon LiDE scanner to automatically detect what kind of document you are scanning and then save it in the appropriate format without the user having to do anything.

Most customers also appreciate the wider hinge that is available on all of the Canon LiDE scanner models. This wider hinge allows for ease of scanning bulkier items like books. Additionally, many customers say that the software with the Canon LiDE scanners is very easy to use, and some of them say that their computer was actually able to find the software for the Canon LiDE scanner automatically without them even having to install the disk that came with it.

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