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Canon Laser Fax Machines - A Guide to Canon Laser Fax Machines - Canon FAXPHONE L 90, The Canon FAXPHONE L 170

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There are plenty of different Canon laser fax machines that provide wonderful solutions for all of your faxing needs. Laser fax machines are rapidly becoming the norm over inkjet fax machines, which do not print as crisp of a fax image. Also Canon laser fax machines are really starting to come down in price, which means more and more people are able to afford them more easily. All of the Canon laser fax machines belong to the Canon FAXPHONE family, and the manufacturer has been improving its laser fax machines more and more with each new model.


The oldest Canon laser fax machine that is still available is the Canon FAXPHONE L 90. Priced at $180, the L 90 provides a decent machine for those who are looking for more inexpensive Canon laser fax machines. This model prints 15 pages per minute and has a 12 cpm copy speed. It has a 346 page memory and a 30 sheet automatic document feeder. The resolution is 600 dpi, so it still is not up to the higher standards for laser printers, but that should be high enough resolution for most home offices or small businesses.

Customers who have bought this machine say it is very quiet and energy efficient. It also has an auto-ignore feature for calls that are not from fax machines. The only downside to this model is that some customers had trouble getting it to work with extension phones. However, if you do have a dedicated line for your fax machine, then the L 90 is more than enough of a machine for your needs.

The Canon FAXPHONE L 170

The newest addition to the line of Canon laser fax machines is the FAXPHONE L 170. This mode prints 19 copies per minute and can copy and print on legal size paper, unlike the L 90, which was limited to letter size paper. Like the L 90, the L 170 prints 15 pages per minute as a fax machine. Also the new L 170 machine is compatible with the Silex wireless print server, which is an important feature for businesses that run with that type of server. The resolution of this model is 1200 × 600 dpi quality. The speed of the modem is 33.6 Kbps, which is the same as the L90. Also the L 170 model is compatible with Windows 7, but earlier models are not. The memory on this model will hold up to 450 pages, which is quite an improvement over the L 90. The L 170 is priced at $180.

In general, customers who own the L 170 say it was very easy to set up and program. Those who have had it for a couple of years say it still works beautifully. One bad thing about the L 170 is that the cartridges are rather expensive. Also the trays stick out on the front of the machine, which means it can get in the way if you have a tight space.

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