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Canon Elph Digital Camera - A Guide to the Best Canon Digital ELPH Camera - Megapixels, Optical Zoom, Customer Reviews and Standard features

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A Canon digital ELPH camera is essentially a point and shoot camera. It has none of the features an SLR camera has, but it is usually small enough to fit in your pocket. The Canon digital ELPH camera belongs in the Powershot family, and there are plenty of choices in this line of Canon ELPH cameras, which can make the decision a hefty one. However, consumers who understand the differences in each of the Canon ELPH cameras will easily be able to purchase the best one for them.


The first thing to think about when purchasing a Canon digital ELPH camera is the number of megapixels. You might think you have to jump up to a digital SLR camera to get into the double digits for megapixels, but that simply is not the case anymore, thanks to the Canon ELPH technology. High end ELPH cameras from Canon have a whopping 15 megapixels, while the lower end ones have 10.6 megapixels. The best advice I can give for megapixels on a Canon digital ELPH camera is to go for somewhere in the middle.

A good number to shoot for is 12 megapixels. The reason all boils down to price. A 10.6 megapixel camera with ELPH technology sells for about $300 to $350, while the 12 megapixel camera is selling for about the same. Of course this may change, depending on what time of the year you purchase the camera. You may find a particular day in which you can still purchase the end of the line model for one of the higher megapixel cameras for less than the brand new model that has the lower megapixel cameras. On the other hand, a 15 megapixel Canon ELPH digital camera is priced at $400 and up, so you really start to get out of range in price with those higher megapixel cameras.

Optical Zoom

Another feature to check out is the camera’s optical zoom capabilities. A standard optical zoom right now is 4x, although there are some cameras that have more or less than that. In general though, a camera with a 4x optical zoom will usually be more reasonably priced, and you do not have to give up a bit of quality in the zoom mechanism for price.

Customer Reviews and Standard features

In general, there are some features that are pretty standard with the Canon digital ELPH cameras. They all tend to use the same SD memory card, and they are all very lightweight and compact. The only thing Canon has changed throughout this line is the specs of each individual model, which makes finding reviews of the Powershot line quite simple.

Overall, customers who have owned Powershot cameras love the sturdy design. They say that the camera’s small size should not fool you into thinking it cannot take good pictures. Customers also say the Powershot line is extremely user friendly, which is probably why it is one of the most popular point and shoot cameras on the market today.

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