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Solid Gold Watches - Shopping for Solid Gold Watches

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In the recent past, solid gold watches were considered an unnecessary extravagance reserved for the elite, rich, or famous. There is no doubt that these items combining elements of both jewelry and function are beautiful and pleasing to view. Those who do buy solid gold watches often elevate them to the level of prized possessions with the intention of passing them down to future generations.

The reason why solid gold watches are no longer purchased by only the rich is that since the economic recession, gold has been viewed as a smart and stable investment. While some people prefer to invest in gold bullion, others look at coins or jewelry, including finely-crafted solid gold watches. If a personal economic crisis should ever befall, these items are easily sold and will fetch the seller a handsome profit should the market rise in that time.

Solid gold watches are not only an investment, that is simply the new reason why people buy them. The old reasons for buying gold watches still hold true, as well. A solid gold watch is a symbol of lifestyle and achievement. You do not have to be an entrepreneur, industrialist, or entertainer to wear a solid gold watch. Many people now wear them just because they can.

Once only men wore solid gold watches. Women tended to wear only bracelets. This trend is slowly changing. As women have worked their way into the business world and are making good livings in their own right, they have also begun to wear solid gold watches. Many women’s solid gold watches cannot be discerned from a standard gold bracelet. They have all of the elegance of a bracelet with added functionality.

People who buy solid gold watches usually prefer to buy one made by a prominent fashion, watch, or jewelry designer. A few watch companies have made solid gold watches their specialty. Among the name brands to look for when shopping for solid gold watches are the following:

• Bedat & Co.
• Bertolucci
• Cartier
• Dior
• Euro Geneve
• Geneve
• Movado
• Piaget
• Rolex

There are many others reason for buying solid gold watches other than as an investment and to display or uphold a personal style. Solid gold watches are loved by people who are susceptible to metal allergies. Solid gold is hypoallergenic, unlike gold-plated watches or watches that use other metals. As long as the watch is 14kt gold or above, you will not break out or have any puffiness due to an allergic reaction.

Solid gold watches also benefit from an increased life expectancy. In fact, many people can count on their solid gold watches lasting a lifetime and beyond. They truly do become items of heirloom value that can be passed down from one generation to the next. Gold-plated watches cannot be expected to last longer than seven years or so. This actually makes up for the high price tag. Since the watch does not have to be replaced every few years, you can actually save money by investing in solid gold watches over the long term.

Repairs on solid gold watches can also be made more easily than with other materials. If the band breaks or bends, any jeweler can fix it quickly. This means your investment is always protected by its very own nature.

Solid gold watches do not have to be expensive. If you do not shop around, you can expect to pay several thousand dollars. However, if you do look around carefully and take some time doing so, you will be able to find solid gold watches for $600 to $1,200. In some instances, you may even be able to find them as low as $300.

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