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Canon Laser Copier - The Best Canon Laser Copier - Budget, Mid-grade, High end

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Shopping for a Canon laser copier is a big job. There are so many different kinds of laser copiers with various features that it can be a very dizzying process. However, just remember that the best Canon laser copier for you may not be the best copier for the business across the street. You will need a basic understanding of the available features on a Canon laser copier before you will be able to make an informed decision. Every Canon laser copier belongs to the imageClass family, so it is important to understand the difference among them all. Let us take a look at the top three Canon laser copiers in different categories.


People who are looking for a budget copier probably do not need it to do much more than copy. However, these days it is usually more economic to buy a multifunction machine that will print and copy, and perhaps even scan. The bottom of the line multifunction printer is a step up from just a personal copier, and this machine is priced at $250. It prints 23 pages per minute, which is pretty standard for less expensive machines. The copy speed is the same as the print speed, and the resolution on the copier is 600 × 600 or 1200 × 600 dpi quality. All-in-all, this Canon laser copier is really a wonderful option for someone who does not want to spend a lot of money.

Customers who own this Canon laser copier say the print cartridge lasts quite a long time, even for those who print quite a bit. The only bad thing anyone really had to say about it is that the drivers were out of date when they purchased it, but this can happen with any new piece of tech today. Simply visit the Canon website and download the new drivers to get back on track.


People who want a few more bells and whistles on their Canon laser copier should check out the MF4690 model, which is priced at $400. This multifunction machine prints and copies 21 pages per minute, which is slightly slower than the budget machine we just mentioned. However, it offers double-sided printing, which the cheaper machine does not. Scanning capabilities can go up to 9600 dpi, and users can both scan documents in and send them to an email address in one easy step.

Customers who own this machine say it is extremely reliable and very easy to set up. However, they say that the machine is extremely light and has rather flimsy construction.

High end

Businesses who really do a lot of copying will want a Canon laser copier that does just about everything. The best high end laser copier from Canon is the MD8350Cdn. This laser copier prints and copies in both color and black and white, and at $700, it is actually less expensive than some copiers that only do black and white copies. The machine also has a built in Ethernet port, which makes it very easy to place it on a network within the office.

Customers who have purchased this model say it turns out very high quality copies and it is extremely difficult to find similar quality for the same price. However, the setup of the machine is rather difficult, and the automatic document feeder is only one-sided. Also it does not have the capability to scan in a document directly to an email address.

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