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Half Moon Bay Inn - Rates and Features of the Half Moon Bay Inn

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Built in 1932 in the Spanish colonial revival style, the Half Moon Bay Inn is a relaxed boutique thirty minutes south of San Francisco in the region and small city of the same name. A connected restaurant, “It’s Italia,” provides gourmet food and occasional rowdiness, while its series of rooms range from the formal to the family-friendly to the romantic. Dog-friendly, architecturally vivid, and involved with the Half Moon Bay community, the Half Moon Bay Inn offers richly appointed rooms for $130-$300 per night.

The inn’s greatest selling point is its connection with the local culture of Half Moon Bay. Early twentieth century architecture is the order of the day in this small city, and the downtown area where the Half Moon Bay Inn sits features some impressive reproductions. It is just across the river from the Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park, where buildings that date as far back as the late nineteenth century are still being preserved.

Local artist Malinda Thompson, a specialist in color washing and decorative concrete, recently rejuvenated the building’s Spanish Colonial Revival architecture with a retouched Spanish door and a two-tone Tuscan color wash on the stucco walls outside. The furnishings within contribute to this effect with rich, earthy palettes that complement the buildings feature nicely.

The Italian restaurant below, “It’s Italia,” is the most complicated feature of the Inn. On the one hand, it is a great restaurant, with more than a hundred wines and plenty of recipes made from local crops. On the other, it is a source of consternation for a fair number of guests. Multiple consumer reviewers have complained of the noises and smells that accompany It’s Italia. After hours cleaning, the powerful smells of garlic and onion, and the occasional rowdy weekend have all contributed to the inn’s black-and-white online reviews.

Another key part of Half Moon Bay Inn’s identity is its dog-friendly attitude. Spacious enough to allow for dogs of all sizes, the inn even offers dog-oriented specials that include plush dog beds and guides to local dog-friendly restaurants. As per their website, the inn “caters to all things woof.”

Rooms at the Half Moon Bay Inn range from $130 to $300 per night:

  • Bella Vista Villa ($225-$300): A series of complete apartments with laundry room, kitchen, private balconies, large windows, and a grand view. Private and spacious.
  • Cottage Suite ($150-$200): A wet-bar equipped, shabby-chic chamber that accents weathered antiques with a granite counter wet bar.
  • Hacienda Familia ($150-$200): An extra large room ideal for larger groups—the “family estate.”
  • Colossal King ($175-$250): The finest rooms in the inn with king beds, plush chairs, and marble baths.
  • Terrazza Queen ($130-$170): Features a shared terrace, great for traveling couples who want evening privacy during a group vacation.
  • Madonna Queen ($130-$175): Standard, no frills, and affordable.
  • Renaissance Queen ($140-$185): The largest queen room, with leather chair, writing desk, and marble bathroom.
  • Gemini Rincon ($140-$185): An officious corner room with plenty of light, two twin beds, and marble bath.

More information and reservation information for Half Moon Bay Inn can be found on their website. Before booking a reservation, be sure to check their regularly updated packages for special deals for human and canine tourists alike.

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