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Midway Airport Parking - Parking at Chicago Midway Airport

lots prices economy travelers

While many travelers flying in and out of Chicago come through O’Hare Airport, quite often you can find a cheaper flight to or from the Windy City at Midway Airport. Chicago Midway International Airport, located on the city’s south side, has been in operation since 1923. The airport was previously called Chicago Municipal Airport, but the name was changed in 1949 to honor the Battle of Midway. As is often the case for visitors to any big city airport, however, Midway Airport parking can sometimes be a challenge.

If you are looking for a cheaper option than parking at Midway, then the Chicago Transit Authority’s Orange Line train can take directly from the Loop or downtown Chicago to the airport. It takes about 25 minutes to get downtown from Midway, and will cost $2.25 per rider. Also, a number of Pace bus routes that serve the entire Chicagoland area make stops at Midway Airport. Both of these options run out of the Transit Center just east of the main terminal.

The reality of the situation, however, is that for one reason or another, many Midway travelers need to find parking at the airport. There are several on site options for these travelers. First, the Blue, Red, and Yellow economy lots and the economy parking garage are all located across West 55th Street, just north of the airport. To park in any of these lots, the rate is $2 for the first hour, $5 for the second hour, and $14 for anything between 2 and 24 hours. There are free shuttle buses that run every 15 to 30 minutes to take passengers from the economy lots to the main terminal at Midway. In addition to the economy lots, the main parking garage at Midway has both daily and hourly rates. The prices for daily parking start at $2 for the first 30 minutes and incrementally reach $29 for 24 hours. Hourly parking rates also start at $2 for the first 30 minutes, but increase much more quickly, with rates for 9 to 10 hours at $23 and 23 to 24 hours at $51.

For travelers who do not want to risk the airport lots being filled up, prefer the security of a monitored off site lot, or simply want to have their parking arranged well in advance, there are several private companies that offer park and ride services at Midway. The prices at these private lots can vary, but in general, the prices for their outdoor lots are similar to the economy lots at Midway ($12 to $15 per day). If you prefer covered parking, then the prices will be a little higher ($25 to $30 per day). However, the prices for most private covered parking is cheaper than the prices for Midway’s main parking garage. Since the economy garage tends to fill up quickly, this can be a good option. Also, travel websites often offer discounted parking rates when you book a ticket online. For frequent travelers, many of private parking companies have loyalty programs that can result in discounts or free parking on occasion.

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