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Mn Job Bank - Minnesota Job Bank - The MN Job Bank

Help for MN Job Seekers

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Although it boasts one of the lower unemployment rates in the country, many residents of the state of Minnesota have lost their jobs in recent years and are looking for ways to provide for their families. As is the case in many states, the Minnesota job bank is a good resource for out of work Minnesotans looking for new opportunities.

While there are many online career websites such as Careerbuilder.com and Monster.com, these sites are run by for-profit companies and operate nationally. Other sites that commonly frequented by job searchers, like Craigslist, can sometimes be unreliable. Local job banks, however, are often run by government agencies and are state specific. Therefore, they may provide more focused searches and more opportunities, especially for those with less career experience.

The MN Job Bank

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development runs two job bank websites with different online tools. The first, Minnesota Works, is a basic job search site. Visitors can search current job postings without registering, but to apply through the site’s online system, they will need to complete a simple registration process. As part of this process, you can upload your resume or create a new resume with the tools on the site. There is also a registration option for employers on the Minnesota Works site. With automatic screening software and no registration fees, this site could be a good option for employers as well.

Although they link to the job listings at the Minnesota Works site, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development also runs Positively Minnesota. Along with information for small business owners, larger corporations, and government employees, this site has a number of tools for job seekers. It has a section for those who have recently lost their jobs, with information on unemployment insurance, beginning a job search, and resume building. For those who are in the midst of the job search process, the site has a number of tools. In addition to linking the Minnesota Works job listings, they also provide links to the career options at several government agencies, including the University of Minnesota. General advice on the job search process, resume building, and careers tips for young people are also available on the site. Specialized information for disabled job seekers, veterans, and those who are looking for environmentally friendly jobs can also be found at the Positively Minnesota site. Finally, the site has extensive information about Minnesota Work Force Centers. These centers are located throughout the state, and the website provides a full listing of where the 50 branches are located. At each center, the job seeker can find help in their search, with services including skills assessments, resume help, and frequent jobs fairs. All of the services offered at the centers are free. With so many tools at their disposal, job seekers at the MN job bank should be able to find something that fits their skills and experiences. Although it may take some time, a thorough and persistent job search will usually end with a good result.

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