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quality battery car life

While most adults remember the days when there was little to do on long car trips other than listen to music or bicker with your siblings, there is now a wide range of entertainment options for long trips. While portable video games and time consuming apps on smart phones are common enough in many family cars, the most popular entertainment option for family road trips is probably mobile DVD players.

While there are many factors to consider when shopping for a DVD player, two key starting points are battery life and audio/video quality. Most mobile DVD players come with a battery charger that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter on your car. If you plan to use it elsewhere, however, then make sure that the DVD player has a good rechargeable battery. If it runs on standard alkaline batteries, then it is probably not worthy purchasing. A second factor to consider is quality. While you should not expect your mobile DVD player to have a full 1080 HD picture and surround sound, it is reasonable to expect decent quality. If the picture is grainy, then it will only get worse. Also, unless you have a way to play it through your car’s stereo system, be sure that the volume on the DVD players will be loud enough to hear over the noise of your car and, in some cases, the occasionally crying baby.

Mobile DVD Players

When shopping for a mobile DVD player, you need to consider first how much you are willing to spend. In general, mobile DVD players are between $100 and $250, although some are a little pricier. For a quality durable DVD player, expect to spend at least $150. For example, the Sony DVP-FX930 DVD player, which can be found online for about $160, has a high resolution 9 inch screen that swivels 180 degrees, an AV charger and a car charger, a battery with a 6 hour life when fully charged, and a remote control. Therefore, this model should satisfy the basic requirements of a good battery life and a quality viewing experience. In contrast to this, the cheaper Insignia NS-PDVD8, which can be found for about $75 online, has less reliable features. It has a short battery life and subpar picture quality. While it has a remote, there is no volume control on it. In general, it is usually worth the extra money to get a higher quality mobile DVD player. If you are looking for a top of the line mobile DVD player, the $700 Panasonic DMP-B15K is a good option. With the ability to play both DVDs and Blu-ray discs, this machine can also access YouTube via an ethernet connection and can be used as an at home Blue-ray player. Finally, for those who need a dual screen mobile DVD player, the Philips PET7402 is a reliable option. With two 7 inch LCD screens and an easy car installation system, this product is a good choice for larger families who are taking a road trip. It can be found for about $120 online.

Until the days when DVD players come standard in cars, the mobile DVD player will continue to be a smart purchase for families who need to find ways to pass the time during those long drives with the little ones.

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