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Flights To Quito - Changing Flights to Quito

New Airports, American Currency

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Flights to Quito have been available since the mid-twentieth century, but the growing needs of aviation have made its current airport somewhat outdated. Fortunately, the new Quito International Airport promises to cater more fully to traveler’s needs in Ecuador. Until it opens in late 2010, however, travelers will have to make do with Mariscal Sucre International.

Since its opening in 1960, Quito’s Mariscal Sucre International has served as Ecuador’s primary airport. Growing tourism and larger planes have outgrown the site, however, as evidenced in the above average number of aviation accidents that have occurred in the past few decades. This is all about to change; by the end of 2010, flights to Quito will be landing on the brand new runways of New Quito International.

The airport continues to be the largest construction project in Ecuador. It is financed by an alliance of Canadian, Brazilian, and American companies collectively referred to as Corporacion Quiport. Collaborating with the Ecuadorian government, this group has assembled an international airport that matches global standards and promises a familiar destination for international flights to Quito.

Ecuador ranks alongside Zimbabwe and Kenya in Transparency International’s rankings of corruption in the world’s country, but the Quiport homepage addresses this issue by providing a full report on the legal and financial actions of this major venture.

In addition to its architectural strength, the new airport is several hundred meters closer to sea level than Mariscal Sucre. This helps to address the altitude sickness that sometimes accompanies international travel to this region. Until the airport is officially opened later this year, flights to Quito will continue to land at Mariscal Sucre. Travelers can help prevent altitude sickness by staying hydrated and avoiding strenuous activity on the day of their arrival. Common stops between Quito and North America include San Salvador, Lima, and Bogota.

Travelers should also note that leaving Ecuador requires a $40.80 USD departure fee. This money is paid at the airport and is not included in most travel packages, so make sure some money is reserved for this task. Ecuador has used the U.S. dollar as an official currency since 13 March 2000, so there is no need to convert cash into local coin for this purpose or any other.

Flights to Quito can be secured on most travel websites include TripAdvisor, Expedia, Travelzoo, and others. If planning a future trip to Ecuador, it may be worthwhile for travelers to provide TripAdvisor and/or Travelzoo with their email addresses, as these travel services provide automatic updates on trip specials. With the opening of the new Quito International just around the corner, airlines will likely be offering numerous promotional deals and travel packages to draw attention to the new construction.

At present, only international hubs in the southern and southeast United States offer American flights to Quito. Miami International is the primary hub for such flights, so travelers should be prepared to take a connecting flight from this location. Possible airlines include American Airlines and TACA. Going with TACA—a Latin America-based company—often involves additional connecting flights in Central America.

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