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Broadband Wireless Isp - Broadband Wireless ISPs: The Lowdown

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Portable, fast internet continues to be a goal for consumers and producers across the internet-using world. Upon our graduation from dial-up, accessibility spread in two directions: portability and speeds. Business and social networking drove the push for portability, while file-sharers and online gamers demanded fat pipes of bandwidth with which to pirate and play. With each step of technology, businesses compete to offer improved functionality, which has led to the broadband wireless ISPs of today.

Internet service providers (ISPs) have been offering broadband for around a decade now in the form of DSL, cable, and fiber-optic cable connections. Prices have hovered around the $40-$50 per month range since 2001, but speeds, limits, and coverage have continued to improve. Meanwhile, wireless technology has also thrived. Laptops (and later iPads, Xboxes, e-readers, etc.) have nurtured a demand for mobility, while their decreasing costs have put them into more hands than ever before.

Broadband wireless is the wedding of these two technologies. Wireless is achieved through “routers,” small transmitters that broadcast a signal to wireless devices in the area. The broadband connection carries information between the Internet and the wireless router, ferrying data packets on behalf of a web user. If the wireless router is broadband-capable, then a wireless device can communicate at speeds comparable to an average hard-wired desktop. Such speeds can allow for streaming video, walking downloads, and even cloud computing—an exciting new technology that uses host computers to run programs so that computers report results rather than working them out themselves.

Any ISP can potentially provide broadband wireless, but some are more dedicated to the task than others. The thirty-six members of the Wireless Broadband Alliance, for example, are a group of phone companies and ISPs dedicated to coordinating the growth of wireless broadband coverage. Wi-Band (the high speed counterpart to the well-known Wi-Fi portmanteau) coverage has spread from wi-fi hotspots to telephone towers, broadcasting signals that can make smart phones fully functional at multiple overlapping locations. Many owners now have a Wi-Band internet connection at their fingertips for almost 24 hours a day.

The smart phone rennaissance has further increased the demand for broadband wireless ISPs. Even small towns will usually offer more than one option for broadband wireless, while cities can give options that range from a fiber-optic connection from AT&T to a free piggy-back ride from the McDonald’s across the street.

Consumers consider many factors in choosing their broadband wireless ISP. Gamers, downloaders, video conference holders, and other bandwidth-heavy users will often look for an efficient, high-yield internet provider. Experienced home networkers will not even consider the ISP’s Wi-Fi plan, installing and troubleshooting their router by themselves.

Local broadband wireless ISPs offer quick technical support, personalized customer service, and the pleasure of face-to-face interaction. Larger companies work mostly through contractors who work on a case-by-case basis to handle service calls and installations. Furthermore, many telecommunications companies now offer package deals that can combine internet, telephone, and television into a single bill, often at a reduced cost.

For most residents of the United States, broadband wireless ISPs will be widely available and in fierce competition for their business.

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