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Vera Wang Cologne - Vera Wang Cologne for Men

Products and Stores

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Though mostly known for her wedding dress designs, ex-Vogue fashion editor Vera Wang produces more than a few other products, including Vera Wang Cologne for Men. As a product, it is set at a moderately upscale price ranging from $20 to $68 as of September 2010. As a fragrance, it is a lightweight, simple scent.

The opening notes of Vera Wang Cologne for Men are a fresh, citrusy scent which fades over time into a woodsy, herbal smell born of nutmeg, sandalwood, and leather. Critics find the aroma lacking in complexity, potency, and longevity. Admittedly, a single spray adds just a hint of scent, and this fades within a few hours.

To decide whether Vera Wang Cologne for Men is suitable for a buyer’s aroma palette, Vera Wang fragrances can be found at several stores worldwide. From the Ukraine to Bangkok, Australia to the United States, Vera Wang fragrances such as this one can be found in more than fifty countries. The product’s home country of the United States features hundreds of stores which stock this product. A full list of merchants who stock Vera Wang fragrances can be found on the Vera Wang store locator maintained on their homepage.

Vera Wang cologne can also be purchased online. Perfume dot Com stocks the product, promoting it through a celebrity endorsement from Will Smith. Fragrance Net offers comparable prices and a gift set, though the website is much less elegant than Perfume’s. Amazon perfume wholesaler A-Z Perfume sells larger amounts speedily and at a significant discount. Additionally, Fragrance X provides such wholesale prices from a site independent of a supervising e-merchant.

Vera Wang Cologne for Men comes in a variety of sizes. A miniature .13 oz eau de toilette costs $20 from most vendors and is the smallest, least expensive option. A better cologne-to-dollar ratio can be had from the standard 1.7 oz. or 3.4 oz. eau de toilette sprays, costing $50 and $68 respectively unless purchased from a wholesaler.

Also available is a Vera Wang line aftershave, aftershave balm, and body wash. All three of these products incorporate the base Vera Wang Cologne for Men fragrance adapted for use in other aspects of grooming. Aftershave products are generally available for $42, while body washes start at $30. Vera Wang even offers a deodorant in the $12-$20.

Gift sets for Vera Wang men’s fragrance generally appear during the holidays and combine one or more products into a printed, textured gift box. The holiday gift set includes a 1.7 oz. eau de toilette, 3.4 oz. aftershave balm, and 75 gram deodorant stick for $72.

Overall, Vera Wang Cologne for Men is a decent upscale product widely available online and in brick-and-mortar shops worldwide. The product is a departure from the traditional Vera Wang claims to fame and thus limited in the options available.

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