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Queen Duvet Covers - Decorator's Guide to Duvet Covers

Twin, King, and Queen Duvet Covers

twin duvets covering king

A duvet is a thick bed covering filled with soft, warm stuffings like wool or feathers. Duvets are not laundry-friendly, which is why they are often protected by duvet covers which can be removed and machine-washed regularly to keep the duvet fresh.

Duvet covers are sized just like beds are, with king, twin, and queen duvet covers all available in the typical sizes:

  • Twin Duvet Covers: 68” x 88”
  • Queen Duvet Covers: 88” x 88”
  • King Duvet Covers: 104” x 88”

There is no single preferred supplier for duvet covers, as they range widely in price and quality. Amateur and professional seamstresses are usually capable of cutting, embroidering, and embellishing a duvet cover in manners similar to handcrafted pillows and quilts.

Cheap duvets can be bought at department stores and online. Wal-Mart offers its one color Mainstays Duvet Covers for $19-$34. Most duvet covers are more decorative than the Mainstay brand, running in the $20 to $50 range. In any case, final pricing is determined by shipping costs and whether the purchased products are king, twin, or queen duvet covers.

Fabric is a major consideration in choosing a duvet cover. Silks and suedes provide a pleasing texture, while more durable fabrics like poly-cotton aid in maintenance and longevity. The interchangeable nature of duvet covers can lead to variety as the linen closet collects a variety of color schemes and textures to fit over a duvet.

Duvet covers are often sold in conjunction with pillow covers, sheets, throw-pillows, and blankets. These accessories make duvet cover-based decorating far easier and more uniform, avoiding the patchwork look of piecemeal interior design.

High quality duvet covers can cost hundreds of dollars. The Profiles Queen Duvet Covers, for example, offer patterned, richly colored fabrics for $653 from most retailers. If matched with a full set of pillow covers and other matching accessories, a full duvet bedding set can easily cost over $1000.

Convenience should be considered when buying a duvet cover. Covers alternately use zippers, velcro, snaps, ties, and buttons to secure the covering around the duvet. Flawed designs slip from the corners of the covering similar to a bedsheet sliding off the corner of an oversized mattress. A good duvet will fit snugly and securely, only coming off on laundry day.

Note that duvets are not the only thing that can fit into a duvet cover. Comforters, feather blankets, and futon mattresses have all found their way into a duvet cover in various experiments of interior decorating. Duvet sets can find their way into dorms, children’s bedrooms, and elsewhere due to their versatile nature and practical applications. Queen duvet covers are ideal for such jury-riggings, as most comforters and futon mattresses are more in-tune to this size.

Whether protecting a duvet or improvising on another piece of bedding, duvet covers are a useful resource for home decorating. Variations on the core design include both cheap, disposable queen duvet covers and luxurious, thousand dollar silk duvet sets.

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