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Smith And Wesson Knife - The Full Arsenal of Smith and Wesson Knives

blade fixed tanto boot

Though most known as the number one manufacturer of handguns worldwide, the Smith and Wesson arsenal also includes knives of every caliber. A full description of the Smith and Wesson catalogue is well beyond the scope of this article, which will instead seek to display the general options available.

First, a general note on fixed blade versus folding knives. A fixed blade knife is one that does not fold into a smaller-shape, forcing it to be stored in some sort of sheath. Many Smith and Wesson knives feature a fixed blade design, so much so that members of this category will be mentioned periodically throughout the article rather than listed as a category in and of themselves.

Single blade pocket knives are the most common walking around knife offered by S&W. Cheaper models run as low as $7, such as for the made-in-China “Cuttin Horse,” a three inch silver-and-black single blade pocket knife. Higher end S&W knives include models like the $60 plain tanto, featuring a serrated black aluminum blade 4.9 inches long.

More militaristic knifebuyers can look to tactical and survival knives. For $30 to $70, Smith and Wesson offers a black or green alloyed bayonet knives, six inch fixed-blade combat knives, and extra durable pocket knives. The “Extreme Ops” line is the bestseller from this category, ringing in at $53 for a 440 plain-edged blade with push-button deployment assistance.

A small collection of boot and neck knives run $20 to $50. The military boot knife with black blade and boot sheath is the hottest selling of these, while the most elaborate model is the micarta boot knife with leather sheath: a lightweight, micarta-handled stainless steel knife with an organically mechanical appearance. Neck knives are similar to boot knives in their small size and concealability, and they are designed with holes in the handles to let them be worn laced around the neck.

Smith and Wesson bowie knives cost $30 to $50. The sixteen inches of the “Texas Ranger” is probably the most memorable from this collection, featuring just over ten inches of blade and six inches of laminated wood handle. Another best seller is the “Texas Hold ‘em” small bowie fixed blade knife, a full tang mesquite fibron-handled blade of 12.75 inches.

Tanto knives (like the $60 plain tanto described above) are medium length Japanese-styled blades with a flat design and simple, even angles. It rises like a slanted skyscraper roof and is used for stabbing first, slashing second. Like fixed blade knives, tanto is a superlative category that includes many types of blades, from the “Phantom” partially serrated tanto ($47) to the fixed blade “Homeland Security” fixed-blade tanto ($48). Prices for tanto-styled knives are generally a few dollars more than their more western counterparts.

Multi-blade pocket knives range from the two-bladed “Cuttin Horse” Marlin Spike to the three-bladed Blade Sow Belly Pocket Knife with stag handle. Multi-blade knives run from $13 to $50, with these models representing the furthest extremes in value.

Other Smith & Wesson knives include machetes ($30), hawk blade utility knives ($7), filet knives ($13), and gut hooks ($20-$30). Most Smith & Wesson knives carry year to lifetime warranties, with claims being made to the Smith & Wesson hotline at 800-331-0852 or via email to qa@smith-wesson.com. Online browsing can take place at various online knife stores like The Blade Shop, Knife Depot, or Knife Outlet. The Smith & Wesson product site is not the best place to browse for their knives, as the site focuses mostly on firearms. Lastly, those wanting to see these knives in action can watch one of the many amateur knife reviewers on Youtube.

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