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Princess Cut Earrings - Buying Princess Cut Earrings

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Princess cut diamonds are the most popular cut of square diamond and the second-most popular cut of diamond overall. Princess cut earrings are very high in demand for smaller diamonds, while larger diamonds are better for ring settings, especially engagement rings.

The face of a diamond for princess cut earrings is square or rectangular in shape. The cut was invented in the 1960s, making it one of the newer diamond cuts, but its popularity in recent years has surpassed older, traditional cuts. One of the hallmarks of the cut is that it is heavier than the more popular brilliant cut because of the four corners and the fact that it retains 80 percent of the rough diamond. Brilliant diamonds, by comparison, are only 50 percent rough. This crystal weight and composition also makes princess cut earrings less expensive than brilliant cut earrings.

Princess cut earrings can come in many different styles. Since the cut is newer, there are many options available. The original princess cut was a modified version of the French cut, but its reflection is enhanced to near-brilliant cut levels, which is why it is popular for those who want a square-cut diamond, but prefer the light return of round brilliant cut diamonds.

There are no exacting definitions for a princess cut diamond and only three labs grade princess cut diamonds on a cut-for-cut basis: American Gem Society Laboratories, European Gem Laboratories, and Accredited Gem Appraisers. Because of this, the ideal cut pattern is widely disputed with different patterns being marketed as ideal by different manufacturers.

A good set of princess cut earrings requires diamonds of high quality. Whereas other cuts can hide some of a diamond’s flaws, the princess cut is not so forgiving. The minimums vary, depending on who you ask, but high-quality princess cut earrings will have the following specifications or better: Cut-VG, Color-G, Clarity-VS2, Depth%-58-77, and Table-58-77. Others say that the princess cut will still uphold well with these lower specifications: Cut-G, Color-I, Clarity-SI2, Depth%-56-84, and Table-53-85. No one recommends anything less than this.

The reason for discriminating with the color of princess cut earrings is that because the light return is not quite the same than that for the brilliant cut, so brilliant cut diamond earrings are better at dispersing light and hiding the true color of the diamond. G is the optimum color specification. Anything more will be extremely pricey, but the difference may not be discernable to the naked eye.

Clarity is important because princess cuts are more prone to chipping. It is possible for the four corners of princess cut diamonds to be chipped if there are inclusions in the corners. SI2 or VS2 clarity stones are needed.

Determining the cut quality of princess diamond earrings is the most difficult part of buying such a pair. The consensus of what makes the best cut is still in question. Diamond cutters say that for this cut, the ambiguity helps both the cutter and consumer. This allows the cutter to use the rough shape of the diamond to work in the best possible cut, which is not the same for all diamonds.

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