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Citizen Skyhawk Watches - Tech Guide to Citizen Skyhawk Watches

atomic time flight models

Tokyo-based Citizen Holdings Corporation Limited has produced their Skyhawk collector’s edition of aviation watches for fifteen years. Highly accurate and visually appealing, Skyhawk watches are the sort of precise gadgetry that technophiles adore and of which pilots boast. Current prices for Citizen Skyhawk Watches are in the $200-$850 range, making them a serious investment for a select group of customers.

All Citizen Skyhawk watches feature a ninety-nine minute countdown timer, 1/100 second chronograph, and broad time zone functionality. Flight models feature an onboard rotating slide rule flight computer and water resistance up to 100 meters. Other models replace the flight computer with a bezel—a sliding ring on the outer edge of the watch that can be used to bookmark a certain time. Watches are also water resistant, varying between 100 and 350 feet of resistance.

The Citizen Skyhawk Eco-Drive Flight Chronograph is listed at $450, or $550 for the more durable titanium model. The Eco-Drive technology incorporates solar technology to charge the battery while holding four years of reserve power just in case.

The Blue Angels Skyhawk Stainless lists at $500 and features a bezel over the chronograph. Its sturdy construction and tasteful incorporataion of the Blue Angels coloration make it an eye-catching and durable watch.

The next step up in Citizen functionality is the AT, or Atomic Timer. An atomic timer receives low-band radio signals that automatically check watch time against the atomic clock in Colorado, USA. Atomic watches are the most accurate watches available today, and they do not require programming for Daylight’s Saving Time.

Citizen combines AT with Eco-Drive in the Citizen Skyhawk AT Flight Chronograph Global Atomic models to make one of the most self-reliant watches on the planet. Solar powered and atomically accurate, they hold six months reserve power in case of total blackout, meaning that this watch could be lost for five months and still be running when found at the bottom of a drawer. Pricing is determined by choice of strap—the rubber strap is sturdy but a little unsightly, costing $595 mint. The bracelet model runs $650 and is stainless steel all the way around the wrist. An even more durable titanium model runs $850.

More expensive among Citizen Skyhawk Watches is the Black Ion Plated Citizen Skyhawk AT. This atomic and solar clock is armored in black ion plating, a unique stainless steel coating that provides added durability and a singular style. Buying one of these lustrous black devices will put a consumer back $700 per wrist.

Citizen Holding’s Skyhawk brand of watches are built with pilots in mind, as measured by their chronographs, bezels, and multiple time zone functions. Each of the models reviewed above contain more functionality than most casual users will ever need, and with price tags in the hundreds, they may not be the soundest investment for most buyers. For pilots and gadgeteers, however, the Citizen brand produces some delightful tech that incorporates some of the most advanced developments in horology.

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