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Single Christian Dating - Challenges of Single Christian Dating

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Everyone knows that relationships and dating are difficult in the modern world. There is no sure-fire method for achieving success and happiness. Single Christian dating also adds several new difficulties and challenges to the usual challenges that come about when two separate and distinct individuals with different backgrounds try to bring their lives together.

People on the single Christian dating scene should not be afraid of these challenges, but they should be welcomed as tests of merit and faith. These are the natural methods God has given to people to help them find someone with whom they are compatible for marriage and child-rearing.

If the single Christian dating challenges you and your partner face can be overcome, it will only make the bond of your love stronger. You will be more assured than ever, that you and your dating partner have what it takes for that ultimate commitment.

One problem faced by those engaging in single Christian dating is that one or both parties are afraid to show their true selves. This is one of the major reasons why marriages fail. You cannot marry someone if they have never seen the real you or if you are not sure that you have seen the real them. One sign that one or both of you are hiding your true self is if you have never had a disagreement or argument. Instead of confronting what you see as a problem, you are changing something about yourself that you may regret at a later time.

Some other challenges faced by single Christians dating include the following:

• Misunderstanding – Many times we say something innocent that gets misinterpreted by the person we love. They take it as an attack, and in order to defend themselves, they attack back. This is a normal and common reaction, but as a Christian couple you have to realize that attacking has no benefit. Instead, try to hold back and make certain that you understand what it is that is making you angry. Simple clarification before giving in to anger usually solves the problem.
• Trust – Trust is a major issue when dating. You would like dating to be mutually exclusive, but because of past experiences, feelings of mistrust intrude upon the relationship. The way to overcome trust issues is to talk through any feelings of mistrust. You cannot place blame on the other person for your own personal issues. You have to explore and explain why you cannot trust them. By talking through these issues, trust can be expanded and given to your partner.
• Abstinence – This is one of the most challenging issues for people in the single Christian dating scene. No matter the intentions, getting close to someone can inspire feelings and lusts that can destroy an otherwise healthy courtship. Sometimes the guilt of premarital sex with your partner is all it takes to push you two apart. Being able to wait for each other until marriage is a challenge that will only strengthen your commitment to each once marriage has taken place.

Following a few tips during single Christian dating can help you to overcome challenges and develop a strong relationship that can lead to marriage. Here are a few good ideas for Christian dating:

• Talk – Take the time to talk to your partner about everything on your mind. The wider the variety of topics, the more you will understand whether the relationship is worth pursuing.
• Be friends – Your number one goal should be to develop a friendship with your dating partner. Everything else stems from this. Keep the dating on a friendship level as long as possible before becoming romantic.
• Pray – Do not be afraid to ask for divine guidance. Pray and before your date so you allow His strength to come into you. Praying together with your partner can also help to strengthen the relationship and keep it pure.

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