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Gift Fruit Basket - Giving a Gift Fruit Basket

fruits baskets edibles variety

The fruit basket has remained a staple of gift-giving since time immemorial. After flowers, giving a gift fruit basket is the go-to plan for any occasion that calls for a gift, but when there is no time for something more personal. It is also a great gift for when you do not really know someone, but circumstances compel some sort of present. A gift fruit basket can also be given for friends and family as a group gift or in conjunction with other gifts. For close personal friends and close family, a gift fruit basket is rarely given alone except in cases where no special occasion calls for it, such as just saying you are thinking about them.

The reason why gift fruit baskets are such a popular gift is that they require very little thought to put together or purchase and they usually contain a variety of different fruits or other edibles so everyone is assured of receiving something they like.

Fruit baskets come in many different forms. The basket itself is unique in that it can be of several different shapes, sizes, and colors. Baskets can be purchased that are already arranged with a variety of fruits and edibles. They are usually wrapped in cellophane to keep them fresh and intact. You can also purchase baskets separately for the purpose of making your own gift fruit basket with fresh fruits from your local grocer.

The standard gift fruit basket contains standard fruits that are available year-round such as apples, oranges, and pears. Other fruits can be included depending on what is available, such as grapes, cherries, and bananas. Other edibles can also be included in the fruit gift basket. Some more popular choices are cheeses, sausages, jams and jellies, nuts, or even a bottle of champagne.

As mentioned, a gift fruit basket can be purchased already made from your local grocer or the basket can be purchased separately and arranged yourself. Another easy method for purchasing a gift basket is to use an online service. Ordering a fruit basket from an online merchant is quick and simple, but the prices may be just a little more than local prices. In exchange for the higher price, you have a wider variety of baskets to choose from, and you have the option of having it delivered directly to the recipient so you do not have to deliver it personally.

If you are making a gift fruit basket yourself, you will want to follow a couple of guidelines. First, you must choose a basket. Really, any wicker basket will do. This part is up to you. Once you have a basket you will want to line it generously with colored tissue-paper. You can use all one color, or you can layer the colors for a more festive look. The corners of the tissue should extend beyond the edge of the basket. If it is available, you can also use cellophane bedding, such as that used as Easter basket grass to line the bottom of the basket.

Next, you must choose the fruit. If you know the recipient, then you can personalize the basket by choosing favorite fruits. For a more decorative basket, it is recommended to add a few fresh-cut flowers. Ideally, the basket should be completed by wrapping it entirely in clear or colored cellophane and topping it with a bow or ribbon.

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