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Cheap Flights To Heathrow - Finding Cheap Flights to Heathrow - Choosing Your Aggregators, Are You a Frequent Flyer?, Departure Date

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Heathrow (LHR) is the largest airport in the United Kingdom and among the largest hubs for international travelers. Budget visitors can find cheap flights to Heathrow as much as they would with any other airfare—through selective, flexible planning based on the wide array of information available online.

Choosing Your Aggregators

An aggregator is a website that collects and sorts data from other websites. Travel aggregators collect information from multiple airlines and assemble them to aid customers with their transactions. In return, aggregators receive a commission for bringing business to the airline in question.

There are many aggregators to choose from, but some stand out more than others.

  • Travelzoo: Provides users of its mailing list with regular e-mail updates whenever a deal comes up.
  • Trip Advisor: Also provides e-mail alerts, plus a travel calculator that assembles a list of expected non-fare fees like baggage, headphones, etc.
  • Kayak: One of the most comprehensive and well-organized databases of flight information available.
  • Mobissimo: A simple California-based aggregator particularly skilled at finding cheap flights abroad.
  • Momondo: A Danish-based aggregator that finds some obscure deals from domestic and international airlines. Great for intra-European jaunts.
  • Skyscanner: A site made by the UK, for the UK. Terrible for finding other fares, but great at sniffing out cheap flights to Heathrow.

Each aggregate site will ask for some information to help assemble quotes for a trip. Kayak has the most options, letting dealhunters insert flexible dates and locations while specifying other details like layovers. Trip Advisor is similarly helpful in this regard, and using one of these sites is ideal when casting a broad net during a flexible journey.

Are You a Frequent Flyer?

As experienced travelers know, many airlines offer discounts to frequent flyers. Travelers should add these airlines to their list of leads and see what they will offer in exchanged for a continuing business relationship.

Departure Date

As a general rule, airfare goes up during the weekend and down during the weekday, with Tuesdays and Wednesdays often being the cheapest. If dates are flexible, a smart aggregate site like Kayak or Trip Advisor can help sift through the added variables quickly. Less flexibly programmed sites like Skyscanner only allow for one date at a time, which can add quite a bit of time to those trying to make a thorough search.

Is Heathrow your only option?

London sports six airports, with four more within thirty miles. Sometimes the cheapest way to get to Heathrow is not to fly there at all, but to instead fly into Stansted and take a train or intra-airport shuttle the rest of the way. Stansted is particularly popular among students and other discount tourists, who sometimes camp in its waiting areas by the hundreds to save money on hotel fare.

Skyscanner has an entire page dedicated to cheap flights to the United Kingdom and provides a comprehensive map of flight routes and general fare differences, plus a list of the airlines that cater to intra- and extra-European flights. Kayak will let you select up to four nearby airports, and Trip Advisor will include all nearby airports in a search at user request.

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