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Chevrolet Used Trucks - Chevrolet Used Trucks for Sale - Buying Chevrolet Used Trucks

cab colorado engine extended

If you ask around about which make of used truck is the most popular and most dependable, you will hear one answer above all others – Ford. The second choice, however, are Chevrolet used trucks. There is no denying that Ford is America’s number 1 choice for trucks, but that does not mean Chevy makes a bad truck. Quite the contrary, Chevrolet has a very solid line-up that has appeal to ever-larger numbers of consumers.

Chevrolet used trucks come in four models: S-10, Colorado, Silverado, and Avalanche:

While the S-10 has been phased out of the company’s new truck line-up to be replaced by the Colorado, it has the highest demand of any Chevy used trucks. Many people loyal to the model have refused to accept the Colorado as a replacement. The S-10 has won hearts with its stylish look and rugged performance. 4WD models were always the most popular, but 2WD S-10s have held their own. The truck also comes in regular and extended cab versions. A V-6 engine and 5-speed manual transmission came standard, but a 4-speed automatic was always an option.

The Chevy Colorado is considered to be the biggest and most advanced of any compact pickup truck on the market. It can handle well both on the road and off. It features easy-to-use control panels and side airbags for safety. The Colorado is available in three cab styles: regular, extended, and crew. Older versions have a standard 2.2L 4-cylinder engine at 120 HP, while newer models sport a 2.8L, 175 HP engine. The upgraded engine on the older Colorados was a 4.3L V-6 with 190 HP, but the newer ones can have an upgrade of a 3.5L straight-5 with 220 HP. In addition, the newer engines have dual overhead cams and come with an option for a four-speed automatic transmission.

The Silverado half-ton pickup comes in regular, extended, and crew cab trims, and may even have a hybrid engine. They were newly redesigned in 2007. The bodies of the newer Silverados are 3” longer and 1.5” wider, but they all have an identical wheelbase. The Silverado is loved for being rugged, durable, and fuel efficient. One of the only complaints is that the doors on the extended cab version do not open independently. Bench seats are the standard for the Silverado, but bucket seats are an option with extended and crew cab trims.

The Avalanche is both sleek and powerful, coming with a standard V-8 engine for strong towing capabilities. The 2007 and later models have even more power than before. The core of the Avalanche is the same as that of the Chevy Suburban SUV, but the Avalanche has a crew cab and a mid-gate that separates the bed from the cab. With the mid-gate down, the bed has a length of just over 8 feet. When it is up, the bed is only 5.3 feet in length. It has been compared to over full-size pickups such as the Ford F150, the most popular pickup truck in history, the Toyota Tundra, and the Dodge Ram 1500.

Buying Chevrolet Used Trucks

There are several ways in which you can buy used Chevy trucks. The easiest, but most costly way is to simply take a trip down to a local used car dealer or Chevrolet dealer. The only saving grace with using a licensed dealer is that you have an option for buying a certified used vehicle. Certified Chevrolet used trucks provide some added peace-of-mind by having undergone a 117-point inspection and coming with a free vehicle history report. In addition, certified used vehicles come with a standard warranty.

There are two cheaper ways to get quality used Chevrolet trucks. One of these is to look for a private seller. It is often easier to negotiate with a private seller. It is advisable, though, to have the truck professionally inspected before buying. Another option is to go to a public car auction. These auctions can be found locally by inquiring on one of several websites or through ads in your local newspaper.

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