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Portable Digital Recorders - Tips for selecting digital tape recorders

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Digital tape recorders have become more popular than ever in recent years as people have begun to choose them over traditional analog tape recorders due to their speed, clarity, and convenience. Now it is often possible to find digital tape recorders at almost any department store, and if you are willing to shop online, you can find even greater deals. However, while most digital tape recorders and portable digital recorders will offer enough to get you started at recording audio, there are still a number of different factors that distinguish high quality digital tape recorders from poor quality models. This article will provide some tips for selecting digital tape recorders to help you make sure your next purchase does not sacrifice quality for availability.

Perhaps the most important tip to keep in mind when looking for digital tape recorders is that you will have to prioritize between price and storage. There are two basic ways of storing recordings when it comes to digital tape recorders: internal memory and removable memory. Internal memory is what you will typically find on the cheaper digital tape recorders, and will involve some kind of flash memory that is fixed inside the recorder. This memory will usually not be alterable or expandable, which means the size you get when you buy the recorder is the size you will have to deal with for as long as you have that particular recorder. These are typically the cheap digital tape recorders you find at department stores for under $70, and they offer decent quality for the price. However, their obvious disadvantages are that you cannot make any more room than they come with for your recordings. Furthermore, the only way to transfer material you’ve recorded off these kinds of recorders is to hook them up to your computer, typically by USB cables, and drag the recorded files onto your hard drive.

The other kind of digital tape recorders are recorders that include removable media. Typically the removable storage media will be some kind of memory card. The advantage of these types of recorders is that they are more like analog tape recorders in that you can remove and replace your memory cards at will, which allows you to essentially record as much material as you want, provided you have enough memory cards available. Furthermore, if you want to archive recordings on particular cards while you make new recordings on other cards, you can do so. The disadvantages of these types of recorders are that they typically cost more when they offer the removable memory feature. However, if this is a priority to you, it may be worth the price increase.

Another important tip to keep in mind when looking for digital tape recorders is that the quality of the sound you receive from a recording will largely depend on the quality of the microphone built into the recorder. Most digital tape recorders will come with some sort of small internal microphone that will be used to capture audio. Typically the microphone will be good enough to capture sounds made right next to it, but the quality of microphones at capturing more distant sounds, such as those across a table, a hallway, or an auditorium, will vary significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from model to model. It is best to read reviews of different models you are considering to get an idea of how well your microphone is likely to perform in different situations. It is even better if you can take the time to try out the recorder yourself before buying it, as you will gain first hand experience this way.

A third important tip to keep in mind when looking for digital tape recorders is that you will want recorders that include some sort of manually activated hold button or switch to keep you from accidentally recording, deleting, or playing back material when you don’t want to. Most digital tape recorders are small enough to carry in a person’s pockets, which means they are likely to be bumped and jostled by the person’s hands, body, or other objects the person is carrying. A well designed hold button prevents those bumps from activating the recorder.

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