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Asp Help Desk Software - An introduction to ASP help desk software

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More and more companies, enterprises, and small business owners are looking for ASP help desk software to help them manage their customer support domains easily, efficiently, and most of all, effectively. Before discussing some of the options available on the market today to meet your ASP help desk software needs, it is worth taking the time to review what a help desk is and how it relates to help desk software. First of all, a help desk is a resource that provides information and assistance related to troubleshooting problems with technological devices, such as with computer hardware or software. It is common for businesses and enterprises to provide support via a help desk to their customers and clientele through numerous means such as email, support sections on their web sites, or access through toll free numbers. Help desk software is software that can be used within a help desk setting to more effectively coordinate support services delivered to customers. ASP help desk software is a specific kind of help desk software that has become increasingly popular among large and small businesses due to its efficiency and ease of use advantages. This article will review some of the more frequently asked questions about ASP help desk software to help you decide which software package may be best suited to help your help desk provide a more effective service to your customers.

A common initial question related to ASP help desk software involves the difference between help desk software developed via ASP and help desk software developed via CGI scripts such as Perl or Java. ASP itself is an internet server application programming interface that is designed to run on Microsoft’s IIS Web servers. Essentially, an ASP page is a regular HTML web page that includes server side scripting within the coding of the page. When a web server processes a request for a page that includes an .asp extension, the web server uses the ASP engine to process the web page, and the ASP engine then decodes the scripting embedded within the page and recombines it with the HTML programming language to make a page that has features of both for the internet browser. This process is rather similar with CGI scripts, but the advantage of ASP help desk software is that ASP will integrate its scripting directly inside the web page. As a result, both designing and maintaining the application become much simpler tasks.

Another common question related to ASP help desk software is over whether there are any freely available help desks based on ASP interfaces available on the internet. In fact, there are numerous free software packages available online. However, free packages are likely to contain only the most basic features, and you may be better off investing in an inexpensive paid ASP help desk software package, such as Cyberstrong, unless you have an experienced ASP programmer on hand to enhance the capabilities of any free or open source help desk programs you find.

Another common question related to ASP help desk software is whether it is possible to develop your own ASP help desk software. As with the previous question, it is certainly possible to do so, but the process is far more likely to be successful if you already have some programming experience in ASP or have access to someone who does. You can also teach yourself from the ground up, but this will take much longer. There are numerous resources online to assist you in developing your own ASP help desk software, such as the W3 Schools ASP tutorial, ASP Free, and the ASP.net forums. Through such resources, you can consult with fellow programmers who have more ASP experience and dramatically decrease your learning curve as you become more familiar with the interface and how you can make it fit your business needs. You can also consult paid software vendors to see if they are willing to provide you with any code or information to give you a head start in your own projects. Many times small start up companies will be particularly willing to lend a hand to entrepreneurs, as they remember when they used to be brand new in the field as well.

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